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Kayaking Thailand

Kayaking in Thailand is quite popular for all ages of people and the main kayaking holidays in Thailand are in the beach resorts of Krabi, Phuket, Ko Samui and around the Phang Na area (James Bond Island.


However, there is another world of kayaking Thailand’s rivers and lakes. All over Thailand there are rivers and large water areas in natural surroundings and Forest parks with waterfalls and virtually unseen areas by foreigners. The only people that see these wonderful rivers and secret areas are the Thai fishermen who use their long boats to paddle up and down the rivers looking to catch fish to sell or eat with their families.


Some of the rivers are small and very scenic to kayak down and some are very wide and long like the river Mun or the river Chi.

There is a fantastic complex of river networks around the interior of Thailand and the River Chi runs from the Lao border going up to the north east part of Thailand and at Lam Pao opens up to a large inland lake area. The river Mun in Thailand is another long river and goes across the centre of Thailand and has many smaller rivers going down to Cambodia.

Kayaking Nong Bua Lake, Kantarawhichai, Mahasarakham

Coconut Palms hotel with pool in Mahasarakam province.

If you are visiting the North east of Thailand between Khon Kaen, Kalasin and Maha Sarakham and are interested in Kayaking Thailand Rivers then Coconut Palms pool resort in Kantarawhichai, Maha Sarakam is perfectly located. Directly opposite the Nong Bua Lake where you can explore and kayak Thailand all day long. Just a few miles down the road is the River Chi of which stretches for miles in each direction. The river Chi runs through the Maha Sarakham University area and there are several restaurants along the banks of the river and so much to see and explore. Another short drive across the province is a huge complex of rivers and lakes and even the Kosamphi National park.

See the map below.

Rivers and Lakes in Mahasarakham_Thailand

The Nong Bua lake opposite Coconut Palms is huge and the sunsets are spectacular. The whole area including the lake has been cleaned up and the government is designating it an recreation area of natural beauty.

!BUA lake reservoir coconut palms kantarawhichai mahasarakham

Nong Bua Lake, Kantarawhichai, Maha Sarakham

AboveĀ is a picture of the lake but it stretches out a long way.


The people interested in kayaking Thailand can either bring their portable inflatable kayaks with them (only 14kgs in a backpack or Coconut Palms will be importing some Seyvlor Hudson Kayaks and maybe later if the demand is there a couple of Seyvlor Colorado kayaks for rental at the resort.


Exploring the small rivers


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