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I have just added a new page / income opportunity my Yacht Harbour (Yachts and boats for sale by owner) website as I feel that many of the yacht and boat owners who list their boats for sale on the site, would also ideally like to keep a detailed model boat of their pride and joy or they just love having a perfect replica of their boat in the office or at home. Model Ships, Yachts, Wooden Boats, Sailboats and Premier Ship Models are available from the links on the site or directly going to the shop page here.

2015-01-10 11.14.49

This yacht is for sale at £650 (Contact me via this site as I have it in my office) 

There are over a 100 modern and classic model yachts to choose from and all are made to order by the most skilled craftsmen in the UK and Mauritius. They are not cheap however, and a model of the Discovery 55 below costs £3376 and takes about 10 weeks to build from time of deposit taken.

antonia-ii-model-yacht (3)

 I have teamed up with the company that makes these amazing show pieces and if anyone (you) want to become an sales agent for me, I will split the commission with you on any orders that you bring in (that complete of course). Average commission on a £4000 model boat would be about £550 (£275) each. I would handle all the details like dealing with the model builders, getting them all the information they require if the customer requires a custom built model boat or yacht.  The way it works is 50% deposit at time of order, 30% about 5 weeks into the build and the final 20% on completion. The shipping varies between £100 to a UK address and £150 – £200 to an international location (all via DHL or UPS).

So from start to finish takes about 10 weeks and the client can order a yacht or boat design from the examples on the website from £200 – £4500 + or a custom built model of their own yacht would range from £2500 – £4500 + depending on size and detail required. Some clients even want interior lights and that is usually about £500 extra…. 

Who would you approach to get orders for these amazing replicas?

– Any Yacht or boat owners

– International Art Galleries

– Yacht designers and boat builders

– Local and International museums

– Super-yacht manufacturers

– Film and Movie – production companies

– Cruise liner companies

– Shipping companies

If interested in becoming an agent – contact me

indigo-moth-model-yacht (1)

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