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Chiang Mai Hotel numbers worst in 10 years

Thailand Hotel numbers

The crazy figures put out by the Thai tourist Authority are ridiculous compared to reality… Pattaya and Phuket are well down and Chiang Mai are saying its the worst they have ever experienced in 10 years

See article Here.

Even in Issan and Khon Kaen the North east of Thailand 2019 has most definitely been the worst year yet..

Hotels are empty… Price cutting is pointless as

  1. there are virtually no customers and
  2. Hotel ruining costs out weigh the returns.

But guess what… in crazy Thailand they are still building hotels and apartment buildings that sit empty.

In Bangkok there has never been so many new apartment complexes for sale ….

Maybe it’s the government creating a strong Baht…. but the whole country is suffering from Hotels to Tourists to imports and exports and all the small businesses that support the larger businesses and tourist industry…

Pattaya as an example is empty… the bars and girls and don’t forget all the food vendors… cannot survive with no customers.


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Love Hotels

If you have ever been to the Maha Sarakham area before, you will notice the plethora of love hotels all over the place. On some roads you can pass several of these small developments one after the other. Many are hidden from view and are situated in the side roads but even though there are already well over 20 in the greater Maha Sarakham city area… more are being built every year.

They are not really hotels as you will see that most of the units are small and basic with a large curtain that hides the visitors cars or motorcycles while inside. A typical Love motel looks like this.

Love hotels in Thailand


So why are there so many in the area? It seems like the massive population of students that study at the Mahasarakham university all year round are the most frequent visitors. Many students are sharing with friends to keep costs down and do not have any private space to be with their girlfriends and boyfriends so a short time in a (Hote รัก) is their only option. Because they are not really hotels, more like little chalets, they do not have any recreational areas as the visitors usually do not want to be seen together. They have no swimming pools or restaurants and bars. They are usually built away from any residential areas and can be very small and basic inside.

From Khon Kaen to Mahasarakham there are very few hotels with swimming pools and Coconut Palms is very close to the University and can offer a very relaxing and stunning oasis type feel while having a private unit next to the pool under the coconut trees.

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