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As this blog has started to take on a life of it’s own, I am now offering a consulting service. There are many areas of which  I can help you, from business start ups and ideas to personal or even relationships. As this is a Freedom – Lifestyle – Business blog, the obvious reason for a consultation would be for help in finding your life purpose, your destiny or the mechanics of how to run a business on the internet or from another country. However, please understand that I have been in the consulting and training game for over 20 years now and have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of many subjects now.

I and several friends have enjoyed the freedom lifestyle for over 20 years now and still cannot understand how the majority of people spend their whole lives commuting to jobs that they hate and have all these excuses and reasons in their head of why they cannot change their life… One of my close friends came out to visit me while I was living and working in Thailand in 1992 and before he came he had lived his entire life in the UK in a very safe and secure attitude with zero risk in anything he ever did. He was so impressed with the country and lifestyle that even to this day in 2018 he still has his main home and base in Thailand. However, he is always off on some other trip to a new town, city or country with his laptop under his arm.

SI Exif

Do things because you WANT to – Not because you feel you are SUPPOSED to.


Now we are all running around with lightweight Ipads and smartphones of which is even easier and the only concern wherever we end up is… where is the nearest WIFI connection to the internet. My friend Andy, I am sure he will not mind me using him as an example started out with me in a Network marketing company and because of the training we received (I will touch more on the training’s etc. later) we had learned the mind set and right thinking to succeed in virtually any kind of business. He started selling silver jewellery (made in Thailand) on ebay and each time we met up his business was getting bigger and bigger with 100’s of listings for various products.

I remember him visiting me for a week at my house in the Philippines and we went to Boracay for a few days (a small tropical holiday island a 40 min flight from Cebu). He was sitting on the beach at a table outside updating all his ebay listings… and emailing his contact who would be mailing out the orders.. Truly a Freedom Lifestyle business. He works a couple of hours a day at most and spends the rest of his time at the Gym, meeting with friends and having an incredibly free life.

ANYONE can change their life and it all starts with how you think…

Change your thinking and your life will also change

I love quotes for the great thinkers of the past and throughout this blog you will find me quoting little snippets of wisdom. They have helped me tremendously in my journey of life and I know for a fact that without my induction to Network marketing back in 1986 with Herbalife International and the small group personal training’s I had from the multi millionaires Mark Hughes, Larry Thompson and the legend Jim Rohn, I would not have achieved anywhere near the level of business success the wealth of experiences I have so far.

Everyday is a new adventure and I always look forward to the future and welcome new experiences …

1 hour Skype or telephone call – £50 

1 month retainer for email or phone questions, help and advice – £250

Contact me with the form below.


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Love Hotels

If you have ever been to the Maha Sarakham area before, you will notice the plethora of love hotels all over the place. On some roads you can pass several of these small developments one after the other. Many are hidden from view and are situated in the side roads but even though there are already well over 20 in the greater Maha Sarakham city area… more are being built every year.

They are not really hotels as you will see that most of the units are small and basic with a large curtain that hides the visitors cars or motorcycles while inside. A typical Love motel looks like this.

Love hotels in Thailand


So why are there so many in the area? It seems like the massive population of students that study at the Mahasarakham university all year round are the most frequent visitors. Many students are sharing with friends to keep costs down and do not have any private space to be with their girlfriends and boyfriends so a short time in a (Hote รัก) is their only option. Because they are not really hotels, more like little chalets, they do not have any recreational areas as the visitors usually do not want to be seen together. They have no swimming pools or restaurants and bars. They are usually built away from any residential areas and can be very small and basic inside.

From Khon Kaen to Mahasarakham there are very few hotels with swimming pools and Coconut Palms is very close to the University and can offer a very relaxing and stunning oasis type feel while having a private unit next to the pool under the coconut trees.

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