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Don’t know your life purpose … How to let the universe guide you

Is your Life an adventure or does it seem like a struggle and monotonous waste of time?

All my life I have been plagued by the question… what should I be doing? what do I really want to do and so on…  Well, although  I am now 60 years of age and have worked in more jobs (42 jobs within 2 years of leaving school) and started more businesses than anyone else I know personally…  (yes there are a few people out there that I have “heard about” that have had an even more varied life than myself) but it all comes down to…

  • Trying to find something you love to do
  • and being able to earn a living doing it.

Now if you are one of the “super lucky people” that were born with a life purpose and knew from a very early age, you wanted to be an Artist or a Designer or an Architect or a Sports person or whatever… I take my hat off to you because you have never had to go through all the goal setting,  life planning and all the other stuff the rest of us have had  to do..

However, at the stage of life I am at now, I can honestly say I have no regrets because my life has been extremely varied, I’ve lived in several countries, had several marriages and have lost count of how many businesses I have done. I’ve learned so much about life, people and how the mind works… how people are completely indoctrinated from birth by their parents, religion, schools, the government and then more importantly, your friendss and the people you hang around with or aspire to.

Imagine you have just purchased a brand new computer …  The computer does not know how to do much until you load / install a few “programs”.  The computer is very similar to your MIND or BRAIN and the programs are EVERYTHING YOU LEARN or ARE PROGRAMMED with.  Have you ever wondered  WHY they called them “TV Programs”.

Now imagine trying to get your brand new computer to design a house – It may have a lot of “basic programs that came with the machine” but nothing that will design a house.   A bit like asking an office receptionist , or a doctor, or an Accountant or a Shop Assistant – How to fix your car that has broken down !  They don’t have a clue… because they have never loaded the car mechanics program into their brain.. But if you called someone that has done a lot of work on cars, motorcycles, boats etc.   They may be able to help you.

I have found that my own Life Purpose is to help people with my training skills… I seem to be able to simplify things… show people what their strengths and weaknesses are and lift them out of their current job or situation and start them off on a completely new life path….

Looking back over the last 25 years… This is what I seem to have been doing all along …
I have helped so many individuals change their relationships or career completely… and either do what they love to do or make more money in a completely new business venture.

Let’s get back to the main question – Something I wish I found out 40 years ago….
But hey… I have now realized that my talents lie in Writing, Teaching, Advising, Guiding and helping other people in all sorts of areas….


This section will totally transform your life…  IF… and only…  IF …  YOU CAN LET GO OF ALL YOUR PREVIOUS CONDITIONING AND PROGRAMMING.

THE FACT IS – whether you accept it or not is ….

You have been indoctrinated and  programmed to be a slave to the system.
So you can either start to understand and accept it…. or continue exactly as you have been over god knows how many years…  because you still believe it is YOU that is creating all the thoughts coming into your mind.

  1. Stop trying to work it all out in your head . Your restless mind is what is holding you back, it wants to take control, it wants to make the decisions, it wants to analyze, it wants to set goals, it wants to keep you so frustrated that you cannot possibly satisfy all the things that IT WANTS.
  2. Understand that that to get in touch with the Universal mind and start to realize your own life purpose…. You need to STOP THINKING and spend as much time as possible doing meditation and stilling the mind……  Imagine a stirred up glass of muddy water…  that’ s what your mind is like now… nothing is clear, it’s all cloudy and the more you think, the cloudier it gets.
  3. Get hold of the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – This book will in the first chapter help you understand why your life is so frustration and what you can do to change…
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Do you have a Life plan ?

We all need a plan and the Journey is more important then the destination is a very qood quote from Buddha. My wife and I had a dream, in fact it goes back much further because I remember discussing creating a ZEN swimming pool style resort with my daughter over 10 years ago… But like most people it was a dream than needed some serious funding.


Coconut Palms Hotel with pool in Mahasarakham, Thailand

Coconut Palms Hotel with pool in Mahasarakham, Thailand

Well I have always believed in the universe giving you what you really desire deep down inside and one of the things I have always taught my children and business students is….

“Never think about “how” you can achieve your dreams, desires and goals.

Just think about and “keep an image of your dream in your mind” of already having it.

The universe works in a strange way… and you have to be very careful about what you think about ALL DAY LONG. Because as sure as anything I have ever seen throughout my life – What your mind focuses on and your belief system sets up your reality. If you continually “think about” illness or having no money or not enjoying your work or whatever it is that you think and dwell upon everyday… be assured, that is exactly what the universe will give you. Your mind is very very powerful and acts like a magnet. So it will attract to you whatever you think about ALL DAY LONG. Check out “The Strangest Secret” a classic recording – Find it on YouTube. I used to play that on my ipod over and over again some 20 odd years ago while learning all about this attraction and positive thinking stuff.

Guess why many people don’t believe in positive thinking… because every time they try it (for a few moments each time) and get zero results is because the most dominant thing going on inside their own minds is they are continually thinking about NOT having the things they really want.

Your belief system sets up your reality and also sets up it’s limitations

Just take a look at Muslims or any of the very religious people and their lives.
If you have been programmed to act or dress in a certain way – you believe that to be right.
And you are right because that is what you have allowed to be programmed into your brain. 

Just try telling a Muslim about another way to look at life or religion or anything that conflicts with his or her pre programmed beliefs… You may as well go talk to a brick wall.

The only way anyone can change their belief system is to firstly ACCEPT that whatever they believe now has come from someone, their school, parents, TV or whatever. Many people only believe something if it comes from their doctor or the TV or someone they hold in their mind to be knowledgeable or the Iman or the priest…  Here’s one I love….  It’s when overweight people go to their doctor for advice on losing weight and the doctor is bigger than they are!

So how did our new resort manifest itself into our lives… ?

To be perfectly honest — I have no idea how it actually manifested, I just believed that somehow the universe would show me a way or introduce someone into my life that would help in some way.

We both desired it and started to talk about a pool with bungalows around it, I used to look at land and imagine building a small resort. I actually believed deep down in my heart that one day I would retire to a small income earning resort and it will all be paid for with no mortgages or debts to the bank. And it did not happen without some issues and grief as I will outline below but another fantastic way to look at life is

“Everything happens for a reason and leads to something better”

What does that mean…. ? Well here is how it happened for me.

I was in my late 40’s and married to a Filipino and had a similar plan but started to build a house with a pool on the hillside in Cebu, Philippines with a couple of self contained apartments under the house  to rent out when we eventually moved there to provide an income. The builder basically ripped us off and we ended up with an 70% completed house a lot of uncompleted building permits and much more expense if we wanted to finish it.

However living in the UK did not help and the housekeeper ran away after selling all our furniture, electrical items and the pool pump and filter! The pool then became a frog sanctuary and the house was becoming a real issue as my wife and I were not getting on… (various issues but not part of this story) a year later we separated and for the next 5 years could not sell the house. Everything and I mean everything went into building the house because it was going to be my / our retirement home and income. For those 5 years I thought life had given me a payback or something. (maybe I did something like this to someone in a previous life!… who knows) Anyway, we eventually got divorced, reluctantly as everything I had financially was tied up in that house.  I met someone new in Thailand (everything happens for a reason and leads to something better) and remarried about a year later and even though we had a lot of viewings on the Philippine house… we always lost the buyer because the building permit was not there or there was too much work involved to complete the house etc. Also as a foreigner in the far East basically we have zero rights and can own a house but not the land. So I was really trusting my ex wife to sell and give me at least half of the proceeds.

One day I had an email from our agent (highly recommended Raymond Ong in Cebu) who stuck with me… through the hard times…  taking clients up to see the house for 5 years when all other agents bombed out as they found we had paperwork issues as well. He has another client interested and told me the next day we had another offer…  It was much less than what we wanted and the house was worth if it was completed but it was exactly double what I had spent to date. To cut a long story short, we accepted the offer and the guy who purchased had connections in the government planning department so could get the paperwork sorted. I flew into Cebu as did my ex wife… We met at the bank where all the signing and money was being transferred and we ended up with a nice lump sum of cash in each of our bank accounts.

So that was the funding we needed to start building our dream pool resort in Thailand. You may be thinking that I had nearly lost everything and why would I be willing to risk it all again but this time in Thailand….  Well I truly believe that the universe did me a massive favor by getting me out of the last relationship and all the money I had invested was basically trapped in the “universe bank” until the time and circumstances were right for me to move onto my next project. In my own mind, all that money was gone and I was getting used to the idea that it was never coming back… so when it did, I though OK this is our chance to create something that we had been thinking about for a long time.

The next hurdle 

We cleared the bank loan on the house and land we already had, made our basic plan of the bungalows around a pool and found a builder. Then the Thai builder decides to walk away with our money and not even turn up on the day the project was supposed to start. We had paid him  £7500 (30%) deposit and he just kept the money and walked away!  It took another year and two legal court hearings for us to get half of the money back.

In the meantime we didn’t give up and the the design of the resort and pool changed or evolved would be a better word (everything happens for a reason and leads to something better).  The “Universe” somehow put me in touch with an Australian pool builder via a website I found on the internet and my wife and I were sitting at home one Sunday afternoon and I received a text from  Rob the Australian pool builder in Thailand…  he said is your wife’s name Joy? … I was surprised and texted back yes… how did you know that? It turned out that my wife’s friend who was on holiday in Thailand with her UK boyfriend Billy, who had spent many afternoons at our home having BBQ’s in the summer, was Rob’s “best friend” and they were sitting together in Thailand and my name had come up as his next client!

So we were basically given the best service possible and the pool was installed and everything went like clockwork…  Then we found another Thai builder, this time a family member and again everything went to plan ( a few issues but how can you possibly not have any issues in Thailand  LOL). Exactly 18 months after starting the project we came back two days ago and it is all finished and open for business. Even we cannot believe it as it happened so fast and we have only been out there 4 times during that time to supervise and move on the the next stage.

Enjoy the journey and have a plan…  There is nothing more frustrating that going to work everyday and having nothing to look forward to. I run business training seminars from the poolside in the cabana below when in Thailand and also from various locations in the UK at certain times of the year.

You become and get what you think about most of the time. Whatever you think about a lot, you attract into your life and experience. What you think about, you talk about, you give power to.

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