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Helmet days in Thailand

One of the things all foreigners are amazed at when visiting Thailand for the first time is the way the Thai police act when it comes to enforcing the law regarding the wearing of helmets. It really is the weirdest thing you have ever seen. 


The Thais seem to just hate to wear crash helmets and only do so if they think it will stop the police on helmet day stop them… never mind the kids or family…  ! So why do the police only ever stop people not wearing a helmet on certain days? Usually a Tuesday but could be any day! Because it is a money making exerciser and they catch hundreds of people every time they go out to do this….  So lets show you how it works and see if you can see any other logical reason that it is not the craziest place on the planet.

So you get stopped and they give you your fine (200 Baht) off you go to the police station to pay your fine. When you return you show one of the many policemen (can be as many as 20 policemen all hiding around some corner to catch all the unsuspecting bike riders… You show them you have paid your fine and they then give you back your motorbike keys… You get on your bike and they allow you to drive away… now because you have paid your fine for that day… you can continue riding the bike without a helmet! Now does that make any sense at all! NO


You would also think after (I can remember at least 20 years ago this still happening) that the Thais would start to get a bit fed up with the fines and simply wear a helmet. 


How about the next day, you see all these people riding around with NO HELMETS, kids and dogs and god knows what else is being carried on the bike and guess what….  All the policemen you see standing on corners or sitting in the police booths and driving around on motorbikes with (Yes) they have a helmet on but the strap is not done up so if they fall off the helmet will not be of any use whatsoever! So if it is not the designated “helmet day” They do not stop anyone for not wearing a helmet! 

Thai police in pursuit

Obviously there is no law for how many people you can have on a bike!


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