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As this blog has started to take on a life of it’s own, I am now offering a consulting service. There are many areas of which  I can help you, from business start ups and ideas to personal or even relationships. As this is a Freedom – Lifestyle – Business blog, the obvious reason for a consultation would be for help in finding your life purpose, your destiny or the mechanics of how to run a business on the internet or from another country. However, please understand that I have been in the consulting and training game for over 20 years now and have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of many subjects now.

I and several friends have enjoyed the freedom lifestyle for over 20 years now and still cannot understand how the majority of people spend their whole lives commuting to jobs that they hate and have all these excuses and reasons in their head of why they cannot change their life… One of my close friends came out to visit me while I was living and working in Thailand in 1992 and before he came he had lived his entire life in the UK in a very safe and secure attitude with zero risk in anything he ever did. He was so impressed with the country and lifestyle that even to this day in 2018 he still has his main home and base in Thailand. However, he is always off on some other trip to a new town, city or country with his laptop under his arm.

SI Exif

Do things because you WANT to – Not because you feel you are SUPPOSED to.


Now we are all running around with lightweight Ipads and smartphones of which is even easier and the only concern wherever we end up is… where is the nearest WIFI connection to the internet. My friend Andy, I am sure he will not mind me using him as an example started out with me in a Network marketing company and because of the training we received (I will touch more on the training’s etc. later) we had learned the mind set and right thinking to succeed in virtually any kind of business. He started selling silver jewellery (made in Thailand) on ebay and each time we met up his business was getting bigger and bigger with 100’s of listings for various products.

I remember him visiting me for a week at my house in the Philippines and we went to Boracay for a few days (a small tropical holiday island a 40 min flight from Cebu). He was sitting on the beach at a table outside updating all his ebay listings… and emailing his contact who would be mailing out the orders.. Truly a Freedom Lifestyle business. He works a couple of hours a day at most and spends the rest of his time at the Gym, meeting with friends and having an incredibly free life.

ANYONE can change their life and it all starts with how you think…

Change your thinking and your life will also change

I love quotes for the great thinkers of the past and throughout this blog you will find me quoting little snippets of wisdom. They have helped me tremendously in my journey of life and I know for a fact that without my induction to Network marketing back in 1986 with Herbalife International and the small group personal training’s I had from the multi millionaires Mark Hughes, Larry Thompson and the legend Jim Rohn, I would not have achieved anywhere near the level of business success the wealth of experiences I have so far.

Everyday is a new adventure and I always look forward to the future and welcome new experiences …

1 hour Skype or telephone call – £50 

1 month retainer for email or phone questions, help and advice – £250

Contact me with the form below.


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Portable businesses you can do from anywhere

Have you ever wanted to have the freedom in your life to live and work from anywhere with your laptop? This is something a lot of people are now doing under the name of “Freedom Businesses“.

Freedom Business1


So what is a freedom business? In a nutshell it can be anything you can do on your laptop or phone without having to be in a specific location, office, warehouse or whatever. The most obvious freedom business is any form of consulting that you are experienced in. This could be business consulting, relationship consulting, computer tech consulting, the list is endless..

Another freedom business is Affiliate marketing where all you need to do is join a company like Clickbank and choose one or more of the 1000’s of products and earn commission marketing someone else’s ebook or online course…

Another great business is building websites for small companies – Did you know that there are still 1000’s of small businesses (plumbers, electricians, painters etc. that still in this day and age, Do not have a website! While I was in Thailand last month, we were approached by a swimming pool sales person who we started to use for some maintenance issue we had with our resort swimming pool filter and pump. While this was being looked at my wife told the woman who had approached us that I build websites and she immediately started going on about her website that she needed changing… Well it turned out that some student had built her a really basic website and the domain name was not linking to the website properly and it was just a terrible website.

I showed her a few examples, like one of my own swimming pool sales websites see mine here, and she asked me how much to build her a new website. I quoted her £200 to include 1 year of hosting (in my own account of which I have all my own websites hosted and can build many more) It took me about 4 -5 hours to build and then she just emailed me all the various products she wanted to sell and I uploaded them into various galleries for her. The websites also have a shop page with built in paypal payment system but I would charge more to set up a shop. This is the actual site –

Freedom Business2

Another thing I do wherever I am if I get bored is to knock up another website for a specific trade or industry like Ironing and Cleaning or Painting and Decorating, choose a really good catchy domain name and then list the website for sale on ebay for £250 – 500 for a basic 2-3 page site. I have sold many websites on ebay and the most expensive one was £5000 for a car parking website. I currently have a couple of interesting websites for sale, see the contact page of this website/blog.

One of them is – this is one of my unused websites ( I have another 5 car eyelashes websites, my main car-eyelashes site is (I still get a few orders most days, but it’s not a huge market as not everyone wants eyelashes around their car headlights! The site for sale needs some SEO work to get it back onto the 1st page of Google. Currently it is not making any money as I have not done any promotion on it for a couple of years now.

My other sites still generate me an income from the Car eyelashes.
Where do you get the car eyelashes from….? Me of course as I am the owner of the special mould that makes them… I set this up about 4 years ago and since the beginning we have some many 1000’s of car eyelashes at retail from the UK and Thailand (as this again is a very portable business, you just need to carry some stock with you in your luggage and be at location for a few months at a time). I also have independent distributors in Germany, USA, Holland, Croatia, S. Africa and a few other countries who buy them at wholesale and retail them from their own websites in their own countries.

TheYachtharbour logo

The other website I am considering selling is The Yacht Harbour a yacht and boat sales website. This is a lot more money because I have done so much work on it over the years and paid £1000’s to SEO companies for ongoing promotion. It has over 450 of yachts and boats for sale and also offers custom built model yachts to clients ( I am an agent for a model yacht builder in the UK) This site I would sell for £12,500 a lot of money I know…  but when you see how big the site is and what has gone into it over the years you would understand. I may just keep it and develop it more when I eventually retire to our resort in Thailand in a few years time. Then I would have the time to do the promotion again myself. To be honest the whole site needs some serious ongoing SEO work as the Yacht sales industry is massive and the competition of Yacht brokers around the world is also daunting so needs someone dedicated enough to work this website full time.

Back to building websites for small businesses
This has to be one of the easiest ways to make money as all you need to do is get some flyers made up and go give them out to small businesses wherever you are. Many small businesses do have a website but you will also find that they DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to keep it updated or it is totally out of date or not mobile friendly which is very important these days as more people access the internet via a smartphone or tablet now that people using a desktop.

They also DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CHANGE anything on their websites because they did not build it. The problem for all these small business owners is that they have to wait days or weeks for any changes their webmaster makes and also it costs them a lot of money to do it.

So the answer is YOU offering them a nice new website and a simple service of free (or very low cost) updates whenever they need it. All you need to do to run this kind of service business is an account with the website hosting company like I use. (I can build up to 20 websites and host them all for only £190 (US$260 approx) per year (for a bit more I can upgrade to 30 or even 50 websites) By you hosting their website, you get to charge them a yearly fee (say £50 – US$75) and for any kind of simple updates they want to make that may take you longer than a say 15 minutes to do.

But I don’t know how to build websites I hear you thinking…

The online web builders these days are so easy to use…if fact I used to offer to show the client how to login and make the changes, add text, pictures, move stuff around, add pages, insert key words to SEO etc. But now I don’t do that, I just keep the sites in my own account and do the updates myself so I can charge them a yearly fee to look after it for them.

I can teach you over the phone (no matter where you are in the world by using SKYPE) how to build websites from using the many pre built templates available. Yes you can probably start building sites without my help but I have had so many years experience using this specific web builder … I can if you choose, save you hours and hours of time when you are trying to find out how to do a multitude of tasks like adding a slideshow or you tube videos or special effects to pages etc. etc.

A couple of hours of website building training could give you a whole new Freedom business.

See my training rates on the contact page.

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