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Divorce rate between Thai girls and Foreign husbands

Here is an interesting article from The Nation, a national newspaper in Thailand.

Now if these statistics are just from Khon Kaen,  I cannot imagine what the Foreigner to Thai girl divorce rate is for the whole country!

Khon Kaen – A total of 142 divorce cases were sent to the Khon Kaen Civil Court in just three months, most of them involving with Thai women seeking divorce from their western husbands, a senior judge said Saturday.

Patikorn Khonpipit, chief justice of the Juvenile and Family Court in Khon Kaen, said the divorce cases reached the court during July 1 to September 30.

He said most of the cases were filed by Thai women who wanted to get divorce from their foreign husbands.

The judge said Khon Kaen was one of the provinces with a lot of Thai women getting married with foreigners and many of them became disillusioned later so they filed for divorce.

The Nation

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Men Who Fall In Love With Thai Hookers Are Clinically Sick

Here is an interesting article I came across that may interest some guys. The writer rambles on a bit so I have highlighted the most important sections.

young thai girls

Consider an all-to-familiar and often talked about scenario. A man somewhere between the ages of thirty or thirty-five and forty-five or even fifty-five goes to Thailand because he’s heard numerous stories about all the young and attractive Thai girls that are available for sex and the semblance of love (the well known girlfriend experience), and all for a relative pittance.

This foreigner—this farang as he will be known in Thailand—swears to himself that he will not get involved romantically with a hooker; after all, he comes from the West (Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Great Britain, the United States, Canada) where prostitution and prostitutes are roundly and strongly proscribed. The man would almost never think of marrying a hooker that he met in a brothel or on the streets of his own country. But once in Thailand —in Bangkok , Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai—he quickly discovers that Thai hookers are uncommonly irresistible. They are nothing like the prostitutes he has known or heard about in his home country.

Thai hookers have several things going for them. They are younger than any woman he could possibly date at home. Many of them are strikingly attractive, and lovingly small and cuddly, and not at all like the fat women (whales in the vernacular of middle-aged men in the West) he has come to dislike, especially in the form of ex-wives or lovers.

Furthermore, Thai hookers, initially at any rate, seem happily subservient, and full of unbounded love, and they make great love—or so he convinces himself. And then too among many other attractive traits, Thai hookers don’t seem bothered, or only minimally so, by the great age difference—ten, fifteen, twenty years or more in some cases. Or at least they are not bothered in ways that the farang is familiar with in his own country. In fact, he will conclude that the only people that will be preoccupied, even obsessively so, with this matter of age difference are all those people back home who, when learning about what he is up to, will conclude that he is just another “dirty old man.”

The typical man in this all-too-familiar scenario is one who is coming off one or more bad relationships or marriages in his home country, and he is often deeply bitter because he is making heavy child support and alimony payments and often has had to relinquish half or more of total household assets in a divorce settlement. But now that he is in love with a Thai hooker he suddenly feels that he can start his life over, and in a way utterly unimaginable in his homeland. So, going against all that he told himself before coming, and all that he’s heard from others about how he will be almost surely played for a sucker by a Thai hooker, he falls madly in love with one. And in so doing he quickly convinces himself of several things. He believes he can overlook her sordid past–all those scores or even hundreds of men that she has slept with and sexually done everything imaginable with.

He convinces himself that he is as good a lover as any of the men the young hooker has ever had. He also convinces himself that whatever great cultural differences there may be between this young adorable hooker with a sixth grade education who probably spent most of her life on an impoverished rice farm in Isaan, and who has a different concept of family and dealing with interpersonal issues than anything he grew up with, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that cannot be easily overcome in the name of “love” and all that he has to offer this young woman in a mutually loving relationship. He can either stay in country and provide a new and rich and unimaginable life for himself and his new partner, or he can take the hooker to a strange country where she will not for some time speak the language fluently or easily make friends and will have to learn to live in a climate that is trying if only because it is so different than what she is used to.

But love is love, and love lasts forever, does it not? Or so imagines a man in those days and weeks and months of blinding passion that only those in love can truly understand.
Now what is never admitted, or even really known about in any rational or quasi-scientific sense in this new life with an alien hooker from a largely unknown culture, is that the man is, in fact, clinically sick.

He is sick in the same sense that a schizophrenic or a person suffering from chronic depression or bi-polar disorder is sick. There is a chemical imbalance in his brain, just as there is with schizophrenics and the millions, tens of millions of people worldwide, who suffer from chronic depression. But unlike people everywhere with mental illnesses that we now know are principally the result of brain chemistry imbalances rather than problems rooted in twisted childhoods and bad parents, it never occurs to the farang madly in love with a Thai hooker that he could be sick in the very same way as mental patients are sick. Love is, in fact, a sickness that looks a lot like someone with a compulsive—obsessive disorder, or one seriously addicted to the most dangerous drugs known. Love is a sickness that can commonly last in rather severe form for a period ranging from twelve to eighteen months.

There’s an old and familiar saying that men everywhere, when in the presence of young (and even not so young) and attractive women, think with their “little heads;” their dicks, in other words. They don’t “think” straight, or rationally. We now know that the idea of the “little head telling the big head what to do” is much more than a crude street joke often voiced among men. We know because of tests with functional magnetic resonance imaging that chemicals called serotonin and dopamine and norepinephrine show up in quantities in the brain when “in love” that one does not see in people not “in love.”

Now one can easily come up with some quite good evolutionary reasons for this change in the chemistry of the brain upon falling love, but that is not my purpose here. Rather what I want to emphasize is that being in love is a genuine sickness akin to many mental illnesses, and such a sickness—being in love–serves an important function in the mammal mating game. And mating, of course, as Darwin so clearly saw, is at the very heart of evolution or what he referred to as descent with modification.

At the risk of repetition, and the addition of a few details, it needs to be noted that being in love is not merely the alteration of just any kind of brain chemistry. Rather, when one is in love, elevated dopamine levels are evident in the nucleus accumbens, that part of the mammalian brain associated with craving and addiction. That very part of the brain, in fact, that cocaine and heroin so effectively work on. (For more on this argument among humans and in species as different as elephants, bats, butterflies and chimpanzees, see Helen Fisher, Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, New York , Henry Holt, 2004).

So, to summarise at this point, we have with whore-mongers in Thailand a rather sizeable population of vulnerable (some might say highly vulnerable) males who quickly see an opportunity to begin their lives over with a young and attractive woman who seemingly has everything that an ex-wife or two didn’t have, and that women at home that he might have reasonable access to as a future partner just do not possess. But when the man falls “in love” with that very person—a Thai hooker—that he finds so desirable, he is, in fact, like men everywhere and for long stretches of mammalian evolutionary time–clinically sick. He is, in his sickness, drugged, doped if you will. And, yes, blind and easily gulled.

Because the man in love is sick, and the sickness can easily persist for more than a year, he will tolerate an unusual amount of lying and deceptions from the hooker, or anyone else he’s in love with for that matter. He will repeatedly overlook all of the many obvious signs that would suggest—and do clearly tell those not similarly affected–that he is in for a great deal of emotional trauma and financial loss in the not-too-distant future.

The in-love man refuses, adamantly refuses, to believe that he is anything like any of the other men who have fallen in love with Thai hookers. His situation is, he will be quick to tell anyone who will listen, “unique.” His Thai hooker girlfriend that he’s in love with is “different,” never, in his mind, like all the other scamming hookers he had heard so much about. This man in his own mind is most certainly not sick; he is merely deeply in love. He even heartily embraces the addiction of love—just as those on coke and heroin love their addictions. Anyone, then, who wishes to advise a person in love of his or her condition, and draws attention to altered brain chemistry and the many and obvious perils of what any truly addictive sickness entails, “just doesn’t understand.” Indeed, such a person to a person in love may sound like a certifiable quack, or like someone who simply takes too seriously the biology of our species and evolution by natural selection.

Enter the Thai hooker as loved one. She, of course, has no concept whatever of sickness in the mind of the farang as I have just outlined it. Rather, what she and those like her quickly learn is that foreign men who get involved romantically with them are simply the best and biggest gulls or marks imaginable. They will accept an unending string of deceptions and lies, and they will go on accepting them even when the lies and deceptions are baldly transparent. Thus, a farang in love can be milked, and repeatedly milked emotionally and financially. Until finally one day there’s a large fatal misstep—one or two lies and deceptions too many, perhaps a lie or deception that is just too big following on all that preceded. It is at this stage that the brain chemistry itself may be changing, and perhaps quite rapidly. The direction of the chemical positive feedback loops have been reversed.

The farang is “coming to his senses,” he’s beginning to ”understand” how badly he’s been taken. And before long he and those around him will, in their own words, see that he is once again his normal, rational self. All will go well, until he once again falls in love and serious changes in his brain begin to take effect, and then chemically magnify altered brain states to such an extent that the man is once again “blind.” He will no longer be receptive to friendly counselling and all the obvious evidence around him that he is being financially milked and repeatedly taken for a sucker.

So much has been said or written about the “dumb,” the “stupid,” the “irrepressibly stupid” farang in Thailand . But using these kinds of unflattering and heavily judgemental words is the wrong way to characterise the predicament of any man or woman in love.

People who are sick are not stupid; they are, well, just sick. They are no different than the tens of millions of people all over the world who have mental illnesses because of “bad” brain chemistry. People who, with good medical attention, can be diagnosed and treated with medicines. Thus, distasteful as the idea may be, romantic love is a sickness and should be seen as such. (Hookers, I should note, may also share many of the problems that come with love sickness, because many of them do in fact genuinely fall in love with farang. At least long enough and convincingly enough to get what they so desperately need—or come to need—money.)

Is there a way to avoid this sickness or deal with it, such that fewer farang will find themselves hopelessly strapped with this sickness called love not long after meeting and sleeping with an irresistibly young, charming and beautiful Thai hooker? I think there are two main ways to avoid this “drugging,” this addiction based in the biochemistry of the brain. One is to literally use drugs such as Prozac that blunt or attenuate love sickness. In other words, add to the Viagra or Cialis or alcohol cocktail that so many whoremongers use a manufactured drug that has just those properties and in sufficient doses to keep dopamine and serotonin and other key brain chemicals at “normal” not-in-love levels.

Another way to deal with the problem, and one followed by a great many whore-mongers who have no knowledge whatsoever of what I have outlined here, is to butterfly. And do so with discipline. Simply follow the rule that no Thai hooker (or any person for that matter to extend the argument), no matter how attractive or unusual or good is bed, should be seen more than two or at most three times. To break this rule is to invite disaster, allow the brain chemistry to be sufficiently altered such that one simply cannot resist the incredible high that is no different that a coke or heroin high but which we so innocently and naively call love.

Here is a free ebook that you can download and have a good read.

private-dancer  – <<< FREE ebook.

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The problems with online dating

This story is basically in two parts

The first is all about online dating …..
The second part is about my divorce from my Filipino wife and how I met my current Thai wife Jiya. Both were via the online dating system described below.


“Online dating is so acceptable now that one of 8 marriages originates online. Yet there are risks. Because of online anonymity, over 50% of dating profiles are false and being used for scams, cons, and crimes done in the name of love”.
Excerpt from

So you have created your profile and joined a couple of dating sites and the girls are sending you messages of interest and you are scanning the 10,000’s of profiles and saving your favourites then making your short list. 

To join the online dating websites is free but to send or receive messages you do have to join (about £10 – £15 per month). The difference between the UK dating sites and the Thai / Filipino dating sites is simple….

With the UK websites, you will probably get a ZERO response.
But with the Asian websites you can get up to 10 girls per day sending you their interest.

So what is the down side of getting all these girls messaging you?

1. Firstly, you will be spoilt for choice and they will be from all over the Philippines, Thailand or whatever country you target. You may think that going out there, and visiting them all, is an option but to be honest, it would be totally impractical, to try to visit several places and see 10 – 20 + girls within a few weeks and you would not have the time to see or spend any quality time with any of the girls on your short list.

2. People are never the same in the flesh as they look in their photos and their personalities can also be totally different from the emails they have been sending you. Many girls (and guys) use their best photos, usually several years old and they do not look anything like they did when the photos were taken.

3. Virtually all the girls are messaging and these days web-caming  with loads guys at the same time…. They are all looking for the serious guy who will go out and meet them or start sending money. And unfortunately many of them will marry virtually anyone to escape their present situation.

That’s a big mistake guys….. It is better to stay single than be in a shit relationship with a woman that only sees you as an ATM machine. If there is no love or connection between you… then you are in for a really bad ride.

I have seen so many relationships fail because the GUY falls madly in love with the girl but the girl is simply marrying the guy to get into the UK or whatever Country you are living in, so she can work and send money home or get you to be the cash cow and support her family.

The Bar Girl Syndrome:

So many guys fall in love with a “bar girl” and think… that she loves him and she is different and that he wants to give her a better life….

DON’T do it guys.

“You can take a girl out of the bar – but you can never take the bar out of the girl”

Once a bar girl –  always a bar girl.

If you have read the FREE E book “private dancer” that I can email you or you can download here > private-dancer , you should understand.

Also read my next post tomorrow is a reprint of a very good article I came across titled “Men Who Fall In Love With Thai Hookers Are Clinically Sick”

The internet cafes in Thailand and the Philippines are full with girls emailing 10 – 20 guys each at a time, telling them “ALL” how much she loves them and how she cannot wait for him to come and see her / marry her. There are even (Farang)  guys living in Thailand that, write the long love letters (for a small fee)!

There are also very smart girls who work the internet dating sites as a very profitable business. (See my post from yesterday, link below) 

Educated Thai girl rips off Swedish guy

Many of these girls have absolutely NO INTENTION of marriage, all they do is play on the feelings and loneliness of single guys and after a few emails start to ask for money and you cannot believe the massive load of crazy excuses. 

Do you know, that a girl can make £100’s per week from just a few lonely guys, all sending here money every month! And all thinking, they are the only one she is writing to. If she had a normal job, she would be extremely lucky to make £100 – 200 per month…!!! So why would she go to work when she can have a good life with loads of money just by emailing lonely guys for an hour or so every week.


To get a job in a 7 Eleven convenience store, they get hundreds if not thousands of applications and a girlfriend I had once, who applied to 7 Eleven, was even asked, what “Degree she had from University”! I believe the wages at a 7 Eleven is 5000 – 7000 Baht per month.

My wife worked at a bank and has a degree in Accountancy – 20,000 Baht per month. She also worked at the local government offices and was only earning 7000 Baht per month (but working for the government, police, or school teachers etc. they get free hospital treatment and a pension, if they work for the amount of years required) I believe it is about 10,000 per month now.

People (men ad women) who work on the building sites and some do all kinds of stuff like bricklaying, rendering  and even welding and concrete work as well as the general labouring, only earn 300 Baht PER DAY. (7 days x 300 = 2100 baht per week)

So are you getting the picture now, of WHY… the girls prefer to “work the internet dating sites? Many have very little education, so getting a normal job, is out of the question. Getting a University degree is also out of the question as their families are poor, and even those who do graduate at age 25 +, find that there are 100’s of applicants for most jobs.

Take a look at this, The University selection exam – 35,000 applicants!
Full article here Bangkok Post


However, for all the brave guys who want to come to Thailand or wherever and do it alone…. Read on…. 

The first thing to do it is pick a big city like Chiang Mai, Phuket or Bangkok in Thailand. Or Cebu, in the Philippines and start creating your short list but you have to physically go there for a few weeks and meet them in person. This is how I found my own Filipino wife… and the method works very well.

A quick side note on another scam and why you MUST go meet them ASAP:

I was messaging a really nice girl in the Philippines for months, and yes she started asking for money etc. but I always declined by saying I need to meet her first. But when when I told her, I had booked my flight and was coming to meet her, the messages stopped! When I got there, I tried to contact her again but her profile and email address had all been deleted. I later found out about the “Nigerian scam” . They get a beautiful girls picture(s) and create a profile on a Filipino (or other Country) dating website. You think you are communicating with the girl in the picture, they tell you they don’t have a webcam and they are living in a small village etc. But in reality you are chatting with a Nigerian scammer.

Once there, you log into one of the websites like Thai or Thai or Filipino and contact all the girls you are interested in, (in that city, ie. Cebu) and tell them you are coming soon or are actually there in person and that you have come to look for a serious relationship and would like to meet them for a coffee.

Ask for their phone number and get a cheap SIM card while out there, so you can call or message each other, and set up meetings with them. In my experience, you have to physically meet at least 10 – 20 girls to find one that you really click with. 

I set up meetings at a coffee shop in a big plaza and arranged about 6 appointments per day (one every hour). They come meet you and you have a coffee and a chat. (limit each meeting to a maximum of 30 minutes) After a few days or about a week of doing this you will have a short list of 2 or 3 girls you really like and then you can arrange to see them again but this time for a longer time (go to the movies or sightseeing). The way to know if the girl is good (ie. not a bar girl) is that she will have friends or a family member with her when she meets you, they are still into the old ways in the Philippines (not so in Thailand).

When you think you have found the one! and I assure you….. you will know…. You will want to spend as much time as possible with her. A trip of a month or more would be best but you will need at least a couple of weeks with her.

However, remember there are still a lot of SCAMS and CONS,
So you should never start sending money over when you return home.

Also there are some dangerous games some girls play, and it is quite common to hear of a foreigner getting mugged in a taxi (cos the girl set you up etc.) Drugs on her nipples and you wake up in the morning with your money, passport and mobile phone stolen. Yes that happened to me in Bangkok one night and I woke up the next day in a daze and was out of it for about 3 days. Phone and money gone… but here is the kicker.. My daughter phoned me a few days later from the UK and told me her friends brother was found dead in a hotel room in Bangkok. He was drugged, just like me… but luckily I woke up. She had no idea it had also happened to me. 

Avoid or Don’t go to Manila, in the Philippines. It’s a horrible place and very dangerous.

When I found my wife, I had interviewed about 12 girls and I had a really good connection with her… She was texting me everyday and we got on really well. I took her to Boracay (Best holiday Island in the Philippines) for a week. Then she told me, she had to go home to her parents, because she had lied to them about coming away with me. She had told them she was visiting a friend up country.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I sent her home on the boat and thought that was the end of the relationship but, she told her parents about me and asked if she could bring them back to Boracay with her for a few days so they could meet me. I agreed and they all arrived a couple of days later on the big overnight Ferry. They then went back to Cebu and my girlfriend and I, stayed together in a villa that I had rented for 2 months, to see how we got on etc. Then while we were there, we booked her appointment at the British Embassy for her Fiancee visa, the appointment date was 2 days before I had to fly home to the UK!  I could not believe she was in and out within 30 mins, she passed the interview and even more surprisingly, when we went to the airline office to see if there were any seats left on my Qatar airways flight departing the next day…… They only had one seat left ! and she flew back to the UK with me. (I was there for 3 months in total). 

We were together for 5 years and the first 4 years were great, so what went wrong?

Well, I was 50 and she was 25 and the problem with most girls under 30, especially if they have not had any children yet, is that they ALL change at about the 30 year mark (Statistics show that most people get married or divorced between the ages of 29 and 32) and girls start wanting to have children (especially Filipinos). So in year 5 of our relationship, she had changed and we were becoming more distant and not doing anything together anymore. She ended up having an affair with her “driving instructor”, so I kicked her out and told her to go live with him. She then got pregnant and blah blah blah…. 

Lots more to this story, like the fact that, during the 4 really good years we were together, I had purchased via stage payments over a year, an off-plan, 4 levels, hillside house with swimming pool, overlooking the Cebu coastline from a developer.  I had put all my savings, £10,000, and another £10,000 on credit cards for the deposit, worked like a dog for 5 years to pay the rest of the balance (£35,000) and clear the £10,000’s I put on my credit cards as we had committed to pay by a certain date.

Then the developer tries to con us by saying, “the builder had made a mistake and the top two floors that had been completed, were much bigger than the blueprints”. He said it would cost an extra 1.5 million pesos to complete the house!!!  (about £25 – 30,000) I refused but there was nothing we could do as we had signed a contract for so many sq metres.

So we ended up with a half finished house and then… the developer dies! And we find out, he did not even have planning permission, he had taken all our money, the house remained half built and we had no legal paperwork for the house. 

After we separated, I held off divorce for as long as possible (2 years), because I felt that I would lose absolutely everything, but in the mean time I had met, Jiya, my current Thai wife.  We have been happily married now for 8 years and known each other for 10 years. I met Jiya via the same internet dating system as described above but with one major difference. When I came to Thailand to meet the 10 or 12 girls I had on my short list. Jiya was at the top of my list as we had been communicating daily, for a couple of months. She worked in a local government office and was university educated with a degree in accounting.

Long story short, I met Jiya first, at the airport in Khon Kaen and I stayed in the Taksila hotel in Maha Sarakham for the whole 3 weeks, because we hit it off immediately. She could not even take time off work, so I was alone all day long, wandering around the “very boring” city and only saw her in the mornings and after 5 pm, after she had to go home, feed her son and buy food at the market for her family then she rushed to see me at the hotel.  I was so happy that I had met a really nice, beautiful and honest Thai girl, I never even went to meet any of the others on my list.

So far so good and 10 years down the road, we still never argue or have any of the problems I used to have in my 3 previous marriages and several long term relationships. 

So to finish off the Philippines house and Relationship story

I  got divorced from my Filipino wife, as Jiya and I wanted to get married and we needed to get a Fiancee visa for Jiya to come to live with me in the UK. 

I tried to sell the half finished house for 4 years….. and to be honest, I thought, I had lost everything, as my Filipino ex-wife had become more and more distant and had even moved home (with the driving instructor boyfriend) in the UK and would not even tell me where she lived…. ! All I had, was her phone number and email address and we used to have screaming matches down the phone because she would not help me in any way to sell the house in the Philippines. 

It gets worse, because her sister and her boyfriend and their child were living in and supposedly, looking after the house (we paid them a small wage). But they split up and she and the child moved out.  We let the boyfriend stay in the house to look after it, as they seemed like they might get back together, but a month later, I hear the boyfriend has sold everything in the house, furniture, electrical appliances in fact everything that could be sold (even the swimming pool pump) and done a runner. 

Fast forward 4 years… we get an offer !!!!

Eventually, after 4 years, (I have lost count of how many viewings) and I take my hat off to the real estate agent in Cebu who stood by me and helped me (as many real estate agents dropped me, when they found out we had no planing permission for the house). 

Apparently, some rich Filipino guy, had his eye the house for years and knew the developer had died, and knew we had no planning permission etc. But he had contacts in the government planning office. He said he could get the required papers, but it would cost quite a bit in bribes !! He offered us £80,000 – The house valuation if it was finished and had the papers was £200,000.

My ex started screaming about, it was not enough….. and she did not want to accept the offer. I was at the stage where I wanted to “burn it to the ground or pay someone to bulldoze it down the hillside”, to stop her getting her hands on it. Then I managed to get her to understand, if we did not sell now, she would lose it all to the government, because no taxes had been paid for 5 years and they were well aware of the house and she would lose everything. This  scared her to death as she had no way of paying any back taxes or finishing the house or paying big bribes. 

We accepted the offer, Jiya and I flew to the Philippines to sign the papers and complete the deal. I had to give my ex £40,000 and I transferred the other £40k to my account in Thailand.








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Educated Thai girl rips off Swedish guy

One of my wife’s co workers, (at a bank she used to work at), was an educated Thai girl earning approx 40,000 + Baht per month. She is fairly attractive and 42 yrs of age with a  Swedish boyfriend. She had travelled to Sweden a few times (he paid for the tickets) and he had been to visit her in Thailand quite a few times.


He worked for a Swedish airline company and used to get subsidised flights and was madly in love with this girl. He was not rich by any means and did not even own his own house, but he used to send her money (only god knows why, as she was earning a very good income and owned land and property etc.) and was even going to help her buy some more land as she wanted to build an apartment building on it!

We are talking about millions Baht (1 million Baht = £23,000 approx)

She however, was not in love with him and had told my wife and her other close friends that she was messaging other guys and “he was not rich enough for her” but she did not want to stop the money flow and the possibility of him getting a loan to help her buy the land. Even when he came to Thailand, she would not let him meet her family and stayed with him in a hotel while he was here. 

They met on either Facebook or Thai Lovelinks (I cannot remember which one) and luckily for the Swedish guy, he came across a duplicate profile (on same the website) with her picture but with a different name! 

Anyway, he made contact with her via a new profile (he had created with a different name and picture), to see if it was really her and to catch her out. Sure enough, he realised it was her and they had a big argument as he thought she loved him also and they were going to get married and he was sending her money etc.

Luckily for him, he found out she was cheating on him before he sent her a very large sum of money. 

Their relationship ended and although he was devastated for several months, he soon met another girl via Facebook (my wife showed me the posts and pictures of him on Facebook with his new girlfriend.) So hopefully, he is in a better relationship now.

What happened to her ? – Here is KARMA in action

The Thai girl from the bank has since, dated several guys and has been milking them all financially and been on many holidays and even, posts on Facebook all about her newest boyfriend of the moment etc.

About 7 months ago, we heard, she was going to marry another guy who also lived in Sweden and he was “apparently”, quite rich and surprisingly, she had, “left her job in the bank” to move to Sweden and marry this guy. 

My wife told me that, giving up a well paid bank job (that this girl had been in for 20 + years)  is a really big deal, as she would also lose a very good pension and there would be no way of getting her job back with the bank if things did not work out!

She had also, “sold some land she already owned, for several millions of Baht” and the money was supposed to be used between them or whatever, in the marriage. (I don’t know those details)

Anyway, she got her Fiancee visa sorted out and was intending to get married in Sweden. On arrival in Sweden, they had a massive row and split up within the first few days because “She did not have the money from the land”. She had told her future husband, she had used the money to pay off some of her debts……  

He apparently went crazy and kicked her out. She then spent the next several months living with “his friend” who had felt sorry for her, and taken her in because she had no money, nowhere to go and could not even afford to change the airline ticket to get back to Thailand early. She had also not even told her family in Thailand she was getting married. 

On her return to Thailand, she could not return home, as she had “LOST FACE” and had to stay in Bangkok with another of her friends and could not come back to her home city where she had “left her bank job” and told her work friends and associates, “she was going to Sweden to marry a rich guy”. 

Last we heard from her, was a month ago, when she contacted my wife asking her to go into business with her and give her a million + Baht loan to do some land or property deal….

Of course my wife declined. 


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Murdered his wife in Phuket

When I was living and working in Phuket some years ago, I met a German guy that told me his hard luck story about his marriage and his wife. 

He was a successful restaurateur in Germany and met his dream girl some 5 years previously. They married and were apparently very happy for about 4 years as he had lots of money and they set up a restaurant in the Kamala beach area of Phuket. 

Fast forward 5 years and he was sitting with me outside the Banana disco on the beach road in Phuket, telling me what had happened. 

The restaurant failed and over the last 5 years all the money was spent. He thought his wife truly loved him, but her family “TOLD” her to dump him as the money had run out and find a new CASH COW husband. She had apparently left him a few weeks before I met him and she was now living with an American Forex trader in Singapore.

However, as we were sitting there chatting over a beer, a taxi pulled up and the German guy I was chatting with, started staring very intently into the taxi, he then jumped up, ran to the taxi and tried to open the rear door but the taxi sped away!

He comes back to the table all agitated and said, “That was her in the taxi, she told me she was in Singapore but she is lying again”.

I tried to calm him down but he was really depressed and going on about how he had put his whole life and savings into their marriage and her family just convinces her to dump him. He said, he had nothing left, the business and all the money was gone.

The next day, I met up with him again and he told me, he had tracked her down and he had arranged to have a meeting with her to talk that evening. I said, well I hope it all goes well for you.

I did not see him again after that day…. but his “picture and crime” was the main news in the Phuket Gazette that week. He was on the run from the police as they had found his wife murdered and disfigured with her private parts cut out!

About a year later there was an article in the Bangkok post –

They had tracked him down in Germany and he was being extradited back to Thailand to face charges on his wife’s murder.

There are so many cases of foreigners losing EVERYTHING because they believed their Thai wife at the time but nobody knows what the future holds.

Never ever, move all your money or assets to Thailand

Always leave something in your home country – Just in case it does not workout.







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A very unusual booking

A few months ago we had an online booking come through at 8 PM by email from but it had a strange request.

The booking was for 2 men and a female and they wanted to “pay cash on arrival” and just use the room till 4 AM, when they would then be going back to Bangkok via car. They also said, they would only be chatting by the pool and had two more people coming at about 10 PM and would pay us an extra 400 baht making 1400 baht.  

We agreed as it seemed like they only wanted to kill time and have a chat with friends around the pool.

They arrived an hour later at 9 PM. Two older guys and what looked like a bar girl  in a short skirt and tattoos… They told us, “Their friends were arriving later”, and just sat by the pool smoking and chatting. The girl did get in the pool several times for a swim and to lay on the blow up air beds but everything was normal. 

At 10 PM another car arrives with an older woman and what looked like schoolgirl or  student about 14 yrs of age in her school uniform. We assumed it must be the wife and daughter of one of the guys already checked in. 

This was all visible on our on CCTV cameras. 

They all went into the bungalow for about 10 minutes and then the bar girl and one of the men, came outside and started chatting and smoking again. She went back in the pool for a while and then just sat there smoking and chatting also. 

Every 20 minutes or so, the guy outside or the bar girl, went back into the bungalow
for a while and sometimes the first guy was smoking outside and the other guy was inside.

This went on for several hours and at no time, did we ever see the older woman or the school girl come out.

Apparently, they all left in the two cars at about 4 AM (my wife was still watching the CCTV and her Thai TV program) I was sleeping. 

At first we thought it was a simple meeting between friends and the wife and daughter of one of the guys.

BUT that was not the case…..

The bin in the bathroom had several used condoms, the bath towels were all used and it was obvious that the two guys were taking turns and shagging the young girl. The older woman must also have been in on it, as it is fairly common here in the University area for an older women to act as MAMASAN for the students, who want to make extra money letting older guys use them. 

A MAMASAN is like a pimp who organises the customers for the girls, they also have a Mamasan in most bars to keep all the girls in order… She is the big boss for the bar girls.

Apparently the girls can make a lot of money from older Thai men.. From what I can gather, it’s a service for Thai men only. The police, government officials, rich Thai businessmen and even school teachers are the customers and all arranged through the Mamasan.

Strange evening indeed



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German guy and his wife

Here is an interesting story that concerns a German guy we will call Eric for the sake of anonymity. He has stayed with us several times before and this is what happens every time.  Eric is a perfect guest and a really nice friendly guy. Loves his wife to death and does anything she wants. 

His Thai wife of 14 years flies to Thailand a week before him (They live together in Germany). She books the rooms and then stays 1 week with us with her GIK. 

A “GIK” is a Thai boyfriend for a married woman. So she has a week of shagging and then the “GIK” leaves and she goes to pickup her unsuspecting husband Eric, at Khon Kaen airport. They then stay together for 3 weeks and either Eric flies home first and his wife follows a week or so later, or they fly back together.

and Yes…. She comes back here again with the GIK for another week of shagging. 

Now, you would think “the wife” would have a bit more of a conscience and use a different hotel to stay with her GIK ! But, no, she stays here and openly flaunts around with her boyfriend as if it were all perfectly normal. She even tells my wife that her husband has no idea about him and her husband loves her so much… That he is totally devoted to her…  

I kid you not 

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Lambs to the slaughter – J

Here is another guy (J from the USA) that has stayed at our resort many times in the past but the last time he was alone and had booked a whole month.

J turned up and was distraught to say the least, he had moved all his stuff out and was storing it at a Thai friends house. He had been kicked out of his house after 14 years of  living together but he loved his dogs and cats and even his “crazy” wife. 

He claimed she was an alcoholic and would not listen to reason, she would go out with her friends and come back drunk and abusive. Everyone had advised him to get out of the relationship for years but as he travelled back and forth to the USA over the last 14 years, he just kept going back to her and his house I suppose, supporting her and the whole family, kids, dogs, cars and everything for 14 years. The problem is, he built the house and feels that he is losing everything he built up over the years. (But the reality in Thailand is that you cannot own land and it is extremely rare for any “Farang” to come out of any relationship with any money, house or land.

She even had a child with another foreign guy who also sends money and turns up periodically to visit his daughter and her. It is also claimed, by other villagers, that she has a Thai man as a boyfriend living with her when ever J was in the USA!

Now, I like J a lot and we hit it off as friends and have had many a beer and chat together but he would not accept that his wife / girlfriend had another two guys shagging her. He assured me that she only had “him” as a sleeping partner and the rumours were all totally untrue!

So what can we do when someone will not accept the truth when it slaps them in the face! The last I heard, he had moved back in with her and had paid all the outstanding bills again, (car payment and dog and cat food, electric, cable TV and the rest) and said he was only going to support her to the tune of 15,000 – 20,000 Baht per month from now on!!! Even if she had a proper job in the bank or something, she could not earn that! 

He was living here full time on a retirement visa but as the relationship is so stormy, he is now going to live between the USA and Thailand and still support her!


J also introduced me to his old friend from the UK who was visiting and his story is even more enlightening.

I only met him for about an hour with J one afternoon as J was staying at out hotel. Anyway, this poor guy was in his 70’s and was married to a younger Thai woman and sadly she dropped down dead from a heart attack while they were walking together near their UK home in London. Now it that was not a hard enough blow, listen to the rest of his story.

They also had a house here in Thailand that was all paid for and furnished which they used when staying in Thailand. As his wife had died, he had to come to Thailand to sort out the house, bank accounts (with  £10,000’s  on deposit)  and all paperwork etc. The house should in theory revert to him as there were no children and he was the legal husband.

When he arrived, he found that the house had been broken into (by her relatives and family members) and all the furniture was gone. The bank accounts had been emptied (He had no idea how they managed to do that without the death certificate, but in Thailand – anything is possible) He was then chased out of the village and told to never come back. He was scared to death and had to leave Thailand ASAP. 

However, 6 months later, and at 70 + years of age, he has a new Thai girlfriend and was visiting her nearby with plans to take her on holiday to Vietnam and more.





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How to Avoid the most common SCAMS in Thailand

So here we have a great video on how to avoid the scams in Thailand

Scams in Thailand

Scams in Thailand video


Our own story –

We were also ripped off by the first builder that quoted for us on our pool and resort build… The scam is very simple, they quote you a price for any building work and then you agree to pay in stages obviously, 1/3 up front to buy materials etc. 1/3 about half way through and the final 1/3 at the end. We handed over £7000  initially for the start of the pool build and on the day of starting… NOBODY showed up… After several heated phone calls and excuses, it was obvious the builder had no intention of doing anything… 

He then blocked our calls and we had to take him to court to try to recover the money.. The lawyer wanted 40,000 Baht (£1000) and after about a year we eventually got a court hearing date and flew back to Thailand.. Of course the builder did not turn up and it was his lawyer and ours in a hot and sweaty courtroom where there were 4 cases going on at the same time!!! At our turn the two lawyers approached the Judge and after about 3 mins they left the room and were chatting to the builder on the phone. (my wife told me what had transpired after the ridiculous court case) They then came back in the room and a few more mins chatting to the judge and next thing I know… they are announcing the next case as we and our lawyers exited the court room… 

The judge had told the builders lawyer he had 3 months to pay back 50% of the £7000 or go to jail.. I was livid and my wife was in tears… so after the lawyer and court costs, our flights and ” if  “he paid back £3500… we would basically get  back about £1500  for all this hassle… It took another 3 months but the builder did pay back the £3500 Cos I had started a website about him and posted onto loads of Thai forums. Two months later, he actually rang my wife and begged us to take down the website and posts as he was obviously losing work and he reputation (if he had one) and he would pay up… I did as he asked, only because, I was also warned that slandering him in Thailand could have caused me even more problems. (so he paid up and was spared a Thai jail sentence) 

I then found out – what he did was a very common – scam in Thailand as one of my wife’s friends is a loan officer of 20 years at the Bangkok bank. He borrowed  20 million Baht (£450,000) at an employees special very low interest rate and proceeded to buy a chunk of land and build a 6 story apartment block of about 156 units. Well during the last 6 years (it is still unfinished and still just sitting there as he tries to find a buyer) this Thai guy who is about 45 yrs of age and very experienced in the Thai ways had got conned himself no less than 3 times from various contractors.

At one stage he took a builder onto the roof and pulled out a hand gun and said… If you do not finish what you contracted to do I will have to kill you and then kill myself..  This did not work as the contractor promised to finish the work but never did… 

So these things happen even between the Thais themselves so have a good watch of the video and learn about the most common scams in Thailand

On a more humorous note 

Scooter rental in Thailand

It is still perfectly OK to ride a bike with your family in Thailand
but do beware it is not “Helmet day” when all bikers get stopped by the mafia style gangs 10 or more police officers all capturing the un- suspecting non helmet wearing riders around specific corners…. But do not fear… once you pay your 200 Baht (£4 ) fine, you can carry on riding your bike all day long (without a helmet) as you have the police receipt proving you paid your fine! LOL

If your looking for Swimming Pool Installers in Thailand

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Are you interested in Yachts ?

Would you be interested
in a partnership with me –
Buying and Selling Sailing Yachts ?

One of my passions has always been Yachts and Boats, I’ve had a few boats in my time and also own “The Yacht” and “Boats for Sale by Owner” websites. Recently, I came across a very interesting course, that I eventually purchased called “Yacht Flipping” and because I now have more time on my hands I have been seriously looking into it.


Yacht Flipping or better known to most people as Buying and Selling yachts can be operated purely for profit but the technique is also used, the same way that people buy and sell properties – Starting with one house and then selling and buying a bigger house and keep moving up by flipping properties to a much larger house or a portfolio of properties.

Personally, I am more interested in the buying and flipping, until say for example a £10,000 sailing yacht turns into a £100,000 sailing yacht that I can use myself.

The type of partner I would be interested in doing this with would need to 

  1. Live in the UK
  2. We would need to be compatible and trust each other so a few meetings would be necessary to get to know each other.
  3. Have at least £5000 to invest with me so we could start with £10,000

So is anyone reading this interested buying and selling yachts to eventually own a really nice yacht?  Email me . Truly a Freedom Business.

saviah 7-8x6[1]


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