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Chiang Mai Hotel numbers worst in 10 years

Thailand Hotel numbers

The crazy figures put out by the Thai tourist Authority are ridiculous compared to reality… Pattaya and Phuket are well down and Chiang Mai are saying its the worst they have ever experienced in 10 years

See article Here.

Even in Issan and Khon Kaen the North east of Thailand 2019 has most definitely been the worst year yet..

Hotels are empty… Price cutting is pointless as

  1. there are virtually no customers and
  2. Hotel ruining costs out weigh the returns.

But guess what… in crazy Thailand they are still building hotels and apartment buildings that sit empty.

In Bangkok there has never been so many new apartment complexes for sale ….

Maybe it’s the government creating a strong Baht…. but the whole country is suffering from Hotels to Tourists to imports and exports and all the small businesses that support the larger businesses and tourist industry…

Pattaya as an example is empty… the bars and girls and don’t forget all the food vendors… cannot survive with no customers.


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Men Who Fall In Love With Thai Hookers Are Clinically Sick

Here is an interesting article I came across that may interest some guys. The writer rambles on a bit so I have highlighted the most important sections.

young thai girls

Consider an all-to-familiar and often talked about scenario. A man somewhere between the ages of thirty or thirty-five and forty-five or even fifty-five goes to Thailand because he’s heard numerous stories about all the young and attractive Thai girls that are available for sex and the semblance of love (the well known girlfriend experience), and all for a relative pittance.

This foreigner—this farang as he will be known in Thailand—swears to himself that he will not get involved romantically with a hooker; after all, he comes from the West (Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Great Britain, the United States, Canada) where prostitution and prostitutes are roundly and strongly proscribed. The man would almost never think of marrying a hooker that he met in a brothel or on the streets of his own country. But once in Thailand —in Bangkok , Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai—he quickly discovers that Thai hookers are uncommonly irresistible. They are nothing like the prostitutes he has known or heard about in his home country.

Thai hookers have several things going for them. They are younger than any woman he could possibly date at home. Many of them are strikingly attractive, and lovingly small and cuddly, and not at all like the fat women (whales in the vernacular of middle-aged men in the West) he has come to dislike, especially in the form of ex-wives or lovers.

Furthermore, Thai hookers, initially at any rate, seem happily subservient, and full of unbounded love, and they make great love—or so he convinces himself. And then too among many other attractive traits, Thai hookers don’t seem bothered, or only minimally so, by the great age difference—ten, fifteen, twenty years or more in some cases. Or at least they are not bothered in ways that the farang is familiar with in his own country. In fact, he will conclude that the only people that will be preoccupied, even obsessively so, with this matter of age difference are all those people back home who, when learning about what he is up to, will conclude that he is just another “dirty old man.”

The typical man in this all-too-familiar scenario is one who is coming off one or more bad relationships or marriages in his home country, and he is often deeply bitter because he is making heavy child support and alimony payments and often has had to relinquish half or more of total household assets in a divorce settlement. But now that he is in love with a Thai hooker he suddenly feels that he can start his life over, and in a way utterly unimaginable in his homeland. So, going against all that he told himself before coming, and all that he’s heard from others about how he will be almost surely played for a sucker by a Thai hooker, he falls madly in love with one. And in so doing he quickly convinces himself of several things. He believes he can overlook her sordid past–all those scores or even hundreds of men that she has slept with and sexually done everything imaginable with.

He convinces himself that he is as good a lover as any of the men the young hooker has ever had. He also convinces himself that whatever great cultural differences there may be between this young adorable hooker with a sixth grade education who probably spent most of her life on an impoverished rice farm in Isaan, and who has a different concept of family and dealing with interpersonal issues than anything he grew up with, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that cannot be easily overcome in the name of “love” and all that he has to offer this young woman in a mutually loving relationship. He can either stay in country and provide a new and rich and unimaginable life for himself and his new partner, or he can take the hooker to a strange country where she will not for some time speak the language fluently or easily make friends and will have to learn to live in a climate that is trying if only because it is so different than what she is used to.

But love is love, and love lasts forever, does it not? Or so imagines a man in those days and weeks and months of blinding passion that only those in love can truly understand.
Now what is never admitted, or even really known about in any rational or quasi-scientific sense in this new life with an alien hooker from a largely unknown culture, is that the man is, in fact, clinically sick.

He is sick in the same sense that a schizophrenic or a person suffering from chronic depression or bi-polar disorder is sick. There is a chemical imbalance in his brain, just as there is with schizophrenics and the millions, tens of millions of people worldwide, who suffer from chronic depression. But unlike people everywhere with mental illnesses that we now know are principally the result of brain chemistry imbalances rather than problems rooted in twisted childhoods and bad parents, it never occurs to the farang madly in love with a Thai hooker that he could be sick in the very same way as mental patients are sick. Love is, in fact, a sickness that looks a lot like someone with a compulsive—obsessive disorder, or one seriously addicted to the most dangerous drugs known. Love is a sickness that can commonly last in rather severe form for a period ranging from twelve to eighteen months.

There’s an old and familiar saying that men everywhere, when in the presence of young (and even not so young) and attractive women, think with their “little heads;” their dicks, in other words. They don’t “think” straight, or rationally. We now know that the idea of the “little head telling the big head what to do” is much more than a crude street joke often voiced among men. We know because of tests with functional magnetic resonance imaging that chemicals called serotonin and dopamine and norepinephrine show up in quantities in the brain when “in love” that one does not see in people not “in love.”

Now one can easily come up with some quite good evolutionary reasons for this change in the chemistry of the brain upon falling love, but that is not my purpose here. Rather what I want to emphasize is that being in love is a genuine sickness akin to many mental illnesses, and such a sickness—being in love–serves an important function in the mammal mating game. And mating, of course, as Darwin so clearly saw, is at the very heart of evolution or what he referred to as descent with modification.

At the risk of repetition, and the addition of a few details, it needs to be noted that being in love is not merely the alteration of just any kind of brain chemistry. Rather, when one is in love, elevated dopamine levels are evident in the nucleus accumbens, that part of the mammalian brain associated with craving and addiction. That very part of the brain, in fact, that cocaine and heroin so effectively work on. (For more on this argument among humans and in species as different as elephants, bats, butterflies and chimpanzees, see Helen Fisher, Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, New York , Henry Holt, 2004).

So, to summarise at this point, we have with whore-mongers in Thailand a rather sizeable population of vulnerable (some might say highly vulnerable) males who quickly see an opportunity to begin their lives over with a young and attractive woman who seemingly has everything that an ex-wife or two didn’t have, and that women at home that he might have reasonable access to as a future partner just do not possess. But when the man falls “in love” with that very person—a Thai hooker—that he finds so desirable, he is, in fact, like men everywhere and for long stretches of mammalian evolutionary time–clinically sick. He is, in his sickness, drugged, doped if you will. And, yes, blind and easily gulled.

Because the man in love is sick, and the sickness can easily persist for more than a year, he will tolerate an unusual amount of lying and deceptions from the hooker, or anyone else he’s in love with for that matter. He will repeatedly overlook all of the many obvious signs that would suggest—and do clearly tell those not similarly affected–that he is in for a great deal of emotional trauma and financial loss in the not-too-distant future.

The in-love man refuses, adamantly refuses, to believe that he is anything like any of the other men who have fallen in love with Thai hookers. His situation is, he will be quick to tell anyone who will listen, “unique.” His Thai hooker girlfriend that he’s in love with is “different,” never, in his mind, like all the other scamming hookers he had heard so much about. This man in his own mind is most certainly not sick; he is merely deeply in love. He even heartily embraces the addiction of love—just as those on coke and heroin love their addictions. Anyone, then, who wishes to advise a person in love of his or her condition, and draws attention to altered brain chemistry and the many and obvious perils of what any truly addictive sickness entails, “just doesn’t understand.” Indeed, such a person to a person in love may sound like a certifiable quack, or like someone who simply takes too seriously the biology of our species and evolution by natural selection.

Enter the Thai hooker as loved one. She, of course, has no concept whatever of sickness in the mind of the farang as I have just outlined it. Rather, what she and those like her quickly learn is that foreign men who get involved romantically with them are simply the best and biggest gulls or marks imaginable. They will accept an unending string of deceptions and lies, and they will go on accepting them even when the lies and deceptions are baldly transparent. Thus, a farang in love can be milked, and repeatedly milked emotionally and financially. Until finally one day there’s a large fatal misstep—one or two lies and deceptions too many, perhaps a lie or deception that is just too big following on all that preceded. It is at this stage that the brain chemistry itself may be changing, and perhaps quite rapidly. The direction of the chemical positive feedback loops have been reversed.

The farang is “coming to his senses,” he’s beginning to ”understand” how badly he’s been taken. And before long he and those around him will, in their own words, see that he is once again his normal, rational self. All will go well, until he once again falls in love and serious changes in his brain begin to take effect, and then chemically magnify altered brain states to such an extent that the man is once again “blind.” He will no longer be receptive to friendly counselling and all the obvious evidence around him that he is being financially milked and repeatedly taken for a sucker.

So much has been said or written about the “dumb,” the “stupid,” the “irrepressibly stupid” farang in Thailand . But using these kinds of unflattering and heavily judgemental words is the wrong way to characterise the predicament of any man or woman in love.

People who are sick are not stupid; they are, well, just sick. They are no different than the tens of millions of people all over the world who have mental illnesses because of “bad” brain chemistry. People who, with good medical attention, can be diagnosed and treated with medicines. Thus, distasteful as the idea may be, romantic love is a sickness and should be seen as such. (Hookers, I should note, may also share many of the problems that come with love sickness, because many of them do in fact genuinely fall in love with farang. At least long enough and convincingly enough to get what they so desperately need—or come to need—money.)

Is there a way to avoid this sickness or deal with it, such that fewer farang will find themselves hopelessly strapped with this sickness called love not long after meeting and sleeping with an irresistibly young, charming and beautiful Thai hooker? I think there are two main ways to avoid this “drugging,” this addiction based in the biochemistry of the brain. One is to literally use drugs such as Prozac that blunt or attenuate love sickness. In other words, add to the Viagra or Cialis or alcohol cocktail that so many whoremongers use a manufactured drug that has just those properties and in sufficient doses to keep dopamine and serotonin and other key brain chemicals at “normal” not-in-love levels.

Another way to deal with the problem, and one followed by a great many whore-mongers who have no knowledge whatsoever of what I have outlined here, is to butterfly. And do so with discipline. Simply follow the rule that no Thai hooker (or any person for that matter to extend the argument), no matter how attractive or unusual or good is bed, should be seen more than two or at most three times. To break this rule is to invite disaster, allow the brain chemistry to be sufficiently altered such that one simply cannot resist the incredible high that is no different that a coke or heroin high but which we so innocently and naively call love.

Here is a free ebook that you can download and have a good read.

private-dancer  – <<< FREE ebook.

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How to Avoid the most common SCAMS in Thailand

So here we have a great video on how to avoid the scams in Thailand

Scams in Thailand

Scams in Thailand video


Our own story –

We were also ripped off by the first builder that quoted for us on our pool and resort build… The scam is very simple, they quote you a price for any building work and then you agree to pay in stages obviously, 1/3 up front to buy materials etc. 1/3 about half way through and the final 1/3 at the end. We handed over £7000  initially for the start of the pool build and on the day of starting… NOBODY showed up… After several heated phone calls and excuses, it was obvious the builder had no intention of doing anything… 

He then blocked our calls and we had to take him to court to try to recover the money.. The lawyer wanted 40,000 Baht (£1000) and after about a year we eventually got a court hearing date and flew back to Thailand.. Of course the builder did not turn up and it was his lawyer and ours in a hot and sweaty courtroom where there were 4 cases going on at the same time!!! At our turn the two lawyers approached the Judge and after about 3 mins they left the room and were chatting to the builder on the phone. (my wife told me what had transpired after the ridiculous court case) They then came back in the room and a few more mins chatting to the judge and next thing I know… they are announcing the next case as we and our lawyers exited the court room… 

The judge had told the builders lawyer he had 3 months to pay back 50% of the £7000 or go to jail.. I was livid and my wife was in tears… so after the lawyer and court costs, our flights and ” if  “he paid back £3500… we would basically get  back about £1500  for all this hassle… It took another 3 months but the builder did pay back the £3500 Cos I had started a website about him and posted onto loads of Thai forums. Two months later, he actually rang my wife and begged us to take down the website and posts as he was obviously losing work and he reputation (if he had one) and he would pay up… I did as he asked, only because, I was also warned that slandering him in Thailand could have caused me even more problems. (so he paid up and was spared a Thai jail sentence) 

I then found out – what he did was a very common – scam in Thailand as one of my wife’s friends is a loan officer of 20 years at the Bangkok bank. He borrowed  20 million Baht (£450,000) at an employees special very low interest rate and proceeded to buy a chunk of land and build a 6 story apartment block of about 156 units. Well during the last 6 years (it is still unfinished and still just sitting there as he tries to find a buyer) this Thai guy who is about 45 yrs of age and very experienced in the Thai ways had got conned himself no less than 3 times from various contractors.

At one stage he took a builder onto the roof and pulled out a hand gun and said… If you do not finish what you contracted to do I will have to kill you and then kill myself..  This did not work as the contractor promised to finish the work but never did… 

So these things happen even between the Thais themselves so have a good watch of the video and learn about the most common scams in Thailand

On a more humorous note 

Scooter rental in Thailand

It is still perfectly OK to ride a bike with your family in Thailand
but do beware it is not “Helmet day” when all bikers get stopped by the mafia style gangs 10 or more police officers all capturing the un- suspecting non helmet wearing riders around specific corners…. But do not fear… once you pay your 200 Baht (£4 ) fine, you can carry on riding your bike all day long (without a helmet) as you have the police receipt proving you paid your fine! LOL

If your looking for Swimming Pool Installers in Thailand

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Do you have a Life plan ?

We all need a plan and the Journey is more important then the destination is a very qood quote from Buddha. My wife and I had a dream, in fact it goes back much further because I remember discussing creating a ZEN swimming pool style resort with my daughter over 10 years ago… But like most people it was a dream than needed some serious funding.


Coconut Palms Hotel with pool in Mahasarakham, Thailand

Coconut Palms Hotel with pool in Mahasarakham, Thailand

Well I have always believed in the universe giving you what you really desire deep down inside and one of the things I have always taught my children and business students is….

“Never think about “how” you can achieve your dreams, desires and goals.

Just think about and “keep an image of your dream in your mind” of already having it.

The universe works in a strange way… and you have to be very careful about what you think about ALL DAY LONG. Because as sure as anything I have ever seen throughout my life – What your mind focuses on and your belief system sets up your reality. If you continually “think about” illness or having no money or not enjoying your work or whatever it is that you think and dwell upon everyday… be assured, that is exactly what the universe will give you. Your mind is very very powerful and acts like a magnet. So it will attract to you whatever you think about ALL DAY LONG. Check out “The Strangest Secret” a classic recording – Find it on YouTube. I used to play that on my ipod over and over again some 20 odd years ago while learning all about this attraction and positive thinking stuff.

Guess why many people don’t believe in positive thinking… because every time they try it (for a few moments each time) and get zero results is because the most dominant thing going on inside their own minds is they are continually thinking about NOT having the things they really want.

Your belief system sets up your reality and also sets up it’s limitations

Just take a look at Muslims or any of the very religious people and their lives.
If you have been programmed to act or dress in a certain way – you believe that to be right.
And you are right because that is what you have allowed to be programmed into your brain. 

Just try telling a Muslim about another way to look at life or religion or anything that conflicts with his or her pre programmed beliefs… You may as well go talk to a brick wall.

The only way anyone can change their belief system is to firstly ACCEPT that whatever they believe now has come from someone, their school, parents, TV or whatever. Many people only believe something if it comes from their doctor or the TV or someone they hold in their mind to be knowledgeable or the Iman or the priest…  Here’s one I love….  It’s when overweight people go to their doctor for advice on losing weight and the doctor is bigger than they are!

So how did our new resort manifest itself into our lives… ?

To be perfectly honest — I have no idea how it actually manifested, I just believed that somehow the universe would show me a way or introduce someone into my life that would help in some way.

We both desired it and started to talk about a pool with bungalows around it, I used to look at land and imagine building a small resort. I actually believed deep down in my heart that one day I would retire to a small income earning resort and it will all be paid for with no mortgages or debts to the bank. And it did not happen without some issues and grief as I will outline below but another fantastic way to look at life is

“Everything happens for a reason and leads to something better”

What does that mean…. ? Well here is how it happened for me.

I was in my late 40’s and married to a Filipino and had a similar plan but started to build a house with a pool on the hillside in Cebu, Philippines with a couple of self contained apartments under the house  to rent out when we eventually moved there to provide an income. The builder basically ripped us off and we ended up with an 70% completed house a lot of uncompleted building permits and much more expense if we wanted to finish it.

However living in the UK did not help and the housekeeper ran away after selling all our furniture, electrical items and the pool pump and filter! The pool then became a frog sanctuary and the house was becoming a real issue as my wife and I were not getting on… (various issues but not part of this story) a year later we separated and for the next 5 years could not sell the house. Everything and I mean everything went into building the house because it was going to be my / our retirement home and income. For those 5 years I thought life had given me a payback or something. (maybe I did something like this to someone in a previous life!… who knows) Anyway, we eventually got divorced, reluctantly as everything I had financially was tied up in that house.  I met someone new in Thailand (everything happens for a reason and leads to something better) and remarried about a year later and even though we had a lot of viewings on the Philippine house… we always lost the buyer because the building permit was not there or there was too much work involved to complete the house etc. Also as a foreigner in the far East basically we have zero rights and can own a house but not the land. So I was really trusting my ex wife to sell and give me at least half of the proceeds.

One day I had an email from our agent (highly recommended Raymond Ong in Cebu) who stuck with me… through the hard times…  taking clients up to see the house for 5 years when all other agents bombed out as they found we had paperwork issues as well. He has another client interested and told me the next day we had another offer…  It was much less than what we wanted and the house was worth if it was completed but it was exactly double what I had spent to date. To cut a long story short, we accepted the offer and the guy who purchased had connections in the government planning department so could get the paperwork sorted. I flew into Cebu as did my ex wife… We met at the bank where all the signing and money was being transferred and we ended up with a nice lump sum of cash in each of our bank accounts.

So that was the funding we needed to start building our dream pool resort in Thailand. You may be thinking that I had nearly lost everything and why would I be willing to risk it all again but this time in Thailand….  Well I truly believe that the universe did me a massive favor by getting me out of the last relationship and all the money I had invested was basically trapped in the “universe bank” until the time and circumstances were right for me to move onto my next project. In my own mind, all that money was gone and I was getting used to the idea that it was never coming back… so when it did, I though OK this is our chance to create something that we had been thinking about for a long time.

The next hurdle 

We cleared the bank loan on the house and land we already had, made our basic plan of the bungalows around a pool and found a builder. Then the Thai builder decides to walk away with our money and not even turn up on the day the project was supposed to start. We had paid him  £7500 (30%) deposit and he just kept the money and walked away!  It took another year and two legal court hearings for us to get half of the money back.

In the meantime we didn’t give up and the the design of the resort and pool changed or evolved would be a better word (everything happens for a reason and leads to something better).  The “Universe” somehow put me in touch with an Australian pool builder via a website I found on the internet and my wife and I were sitting at home one Sunday afternoon and I received a text from  Rob the Australian pool builder in Thailand…  he said is your wife’s name Joy? … I was surprised and texted back yes… how did you know that? It turned out that my wife’s friend who was on holiday in Thailand with her UK boyfriend Billy, who had spent many afternoons at our home having BBQ’s in the summer, was Rob’s “best friend” and they were sitting together in Thailand and my name had come up as his next client!

So we were basically given the best service possible and the pool was installed and everything went like clockwork…  Then we found another Thai builder, this time a family member and again everything went to plan ( a few issues but how can you possibly not have any issues in Thailand  LOL). Exactly 18 months after starting the project we came back two days ago and it is all finished and open for business. Even we cannot believe it as it happened so fast and we have only been out there 4 times during that time to supervise and move on the the next stage.

Enjoy the journey and have a plan…  There is nothing more frustrating that going to work everyday and having nothing to look forward to. I run business training seminars from the poolside in the cabana below when in Thailand and also from various locations in the UK at certain times of the year.

You become and get what you think about most of the time. Whatever you think about a lot, you attract into your life and experience. What you think about, you talk about, you give power to.

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Investing in Thailand – How not to lose everything

Here is an article on a subject that could save you everything you have and I have met many many foreigners who wish they had heard this information or taken a bit of advice from a friend before selling everything up and buying a house or business in Thailand.


Firstly, you have to understand that ONLY a Thai National can own land in Thailand.

So all businesses and houses can only be purchased in a Thai persons name or a Thai company with a certain amount of Thai directors.  The main reason for this article is not so much the business purchases but is really aimed at saving  the 10,000’s of guys that get married to a beautiful (and sometimes very ugly… only they know why… but then we are all different) girl and then buy or build her a house in Thailand.

So let’s get the Farang and the business investments out of the way first.

Unless you are prepared to have Thai partners (OMG please NO) and can trust them … !!! with you, in running the business you will lose everything. The next stupid thing is the amount of guys that have a dream of owning a “bar” in Pattaya or a parascending boat or water sports business!

As for the bars….  there are 1000’s of them and mostly empty and struggling to survive so why anyone would want to do that is beyond belief. Then there is the Protection money / Thai Mafia / Thai Police that has to be paid every week or month… Don’t pay and they simply shut you down. Try to sell your boat or bar and you will be in a very dark place…

Let’s now take a look at the trap that most guys fall into.

They have married a young girl (a word of advice, go for an older girl, 35 + and they will more than likely stay with you forever. They know they are well past their shelf life and have virtually no chance of a Thai man marrying them so try much harder to make the relationship work)  After all the gold you have bought her and giving money to the family every month, the next big sting is the house. Many guys who have managed to meet and marry a Thai are older and are probably divorced and have a house and or money back home in their own country. This makes them feel very rich in Thailand because you can buy a nice new big house for a few million Baht to unlimited…  1 million Baht is about £20,000 UK pounds or $30,000 US$  Now in the UK you cannot buy a 1 bed flat for less that £100K (5 million baht)

So the guy is now thinking…  If I sell my house, I can buy a bigger house or apartment in Thailand and still have loads of money left in the bank…  (that may be true but your new Thai wife will be planning and scheming with her family to get that all away from you to be sure)

Do you have any idea how many divorces there are between Thai girls and Foreign men in just the Khon Kaen area alone?
The answer is between 50 – 100 pm. Just google it and see for yourself.

Now multiply that for all the major cities in Thailand and you will understand that 1000’s of Thai / Farang divorces are happening every month in Thailand. We are not talking about how many are getting divorced in the UK, Germany or Italy etc. This is just in Thailand, so why is that….?  Could it be that the guy eventually sussed out that his lovely little Thai wife, never ever loved him, that it was all about making money, getting out of Thailand, and even if you were 85 with one leg and two heads she still would have married you to get to the money pot.

Most of these guys, have also sold up at home and “invested” their money in a house in Thailand……  Let’s change the word “invested” to “All will be totally lost” as it is more appropriate. In Thailand a Farang cannot own the land and I have never heard of any Thai court case yet of the Farang getting his money back after a divorce.

I have however seen personally and heard 100’s  stories of Farangs losing EVERYTHING and go home with nothing. I have even seen Foreigners sitting on the pavement in Bangkok on the good old Sukhumvit road outside Robinsons with a board saying something like.

My wife has thrown me out, I have no money for food and
cannot even fly home – Please help me.

I can tell you this… it brought tears to my eyes when I first saw this and especially when I saw some Thai girls giving him small change so he could get some food.  Thailand can be the most incredible place on the planet but not if you have lost everything to a business minded Thai girl and her family.


SI Exif

Everything gone

Here is another real event shortened personal story of a German guy I met while living in Phuket. I had met him as I was running ads in the Phuket Gazette for independent distributors as I was recruiting people for a networking company. Anyway, I met him at the Tropicana Hotel just off the beach road in Phuket and during the presentation I was giving him via my laptop he seemed very distant and un interested. After we finished the presentation, I asked him why he was looking to earn money and why he was in Phuket… He just answered that he had recently split up with his wife and had bought her a house and restaurant business and when it all failed…  (Like most Thai run businesses set up with a Farangs money) Her family had told her to dump him and find a new boyfriend (ATM machine). He said he was so in love with her and had lost over 200,000 Euros over the last few years. 

I listened to his story and then as he seemed a decent guy invited him for a drink that evening so we could chat some more. That evening we met outside the Banana Disco on the beach road again and were sitting there having a few beers when all of a sudden a Taxi pulled up and this German guy jumped up and ran towards the taxi. There was a girl inside and the taxi very quickly sped away while the German guy was shouting and chasing it down the road…  On his return to our table he was going crazy saying that was his ex wife in the Taxi and he wanted to talk to her but she had told him she was going out with a rich American guy working as a trader in Singapore and she was supposed to be in Bangkok.. 

The next day I had a call from the German and he said he had managed to contact her and was going to have a meeting with her. Never saw him again until I read the Bangkok Post newspaper the following week that had his picture on the front page!  the main headline read “German man murders his wife in Phuket” and the Police were searching for him. I was stunned and could not believe he would do something like that but then there are many crimes of passion that we will never understand. He must have been out of his mind with what his ex wife had done to him…  A few months later I read that they had found him, he had managed to get out of Thailand and was caught in Germany, extradited and is probably now still in some terrible Thai jail…


So back to our article….  How to Keep your wealth and money and not lose it all in Thailand.

The best thing to do – If you want to go live in Thailand with your new wife and protect your money is to NEVER sell your home in your home country and NOT to buy a house in the land of smiles.

All you need to do to protect your wealth and sanity is RENT your house out via an agency or someone you can trust and live on the rental income in Thailand. In Thailand you can rent a really nice house or apartment for much less than you are receiving in rent from you home in the UK.

There is usually more than enough coming in to live on and your “Thai wife and her family” cannot ever take control of your life. Live within your means on the monthly rent from your house and you will be well protected.. 

Of course you can always reassure your new Thai wife that if anything happens to you she will get the house in your “will” but while you are still alive….  you need to protect yourself just in case something happens 5 or 10 years down the road…  Remember, very few marriages to the young Thai girls last more than a few years and the divorce statistics prove it so be smart and RENT not SELL your home in your home country.

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Losing your shirt with the online Thai dating sites

After living in Bangkok and Phuket for just over 10 years, I have seen all the internet dating scams and cons used by the girls and you can believe it or not “British, European, Australian and even American guys” pretending to be attractive girls or homely girls.They actually admit “they have to make money somehow”! and some of them find no problem with pretending to be a stunning young Thai girl and getting some unsuspecting guy in the USA or Europe to “fall in love” with “them” and start to part them from their cash!!!

Read on for more of the dirty tricks used by the girls, the guys and ladyboys…

Would you email this beautiful girl?


Well, it’s a Katoey (ladyboy) and even in real life, would not be able to tell the difference until it’s too late!

Online dating is so acceptable now that it is now reported that one out of 8 marriages originate online. Yet there are risks. Because of the easy online anonymity, well over 50% of dating profiles are false and used for cons and scams and rip off crimes done in the name of love!

So you’ve created your profile and then joined a couple of dating sites and the girls are sending you messages of interest and you are scanning the 1000’s of profiles and emailing them back……. With the Asian websites, guys can easily get over 10 girls per day sending you their interest yet in the UK an guy over 40 is lucky to get a few emails a week!

So what is the down side of joining an online dating website?

1. Firstly, Lots of profiles are fake and have either guys or the Nigerian type scammers behind them.

2. You will be spoilt for choice and the girls will be from all over Thailand. I had over 100 replies within a week when I went on one Thai dating website alone. You may think that going out there and visiting them all is an option but to be honest, it’s totally impractical to try to visit several places and see all you’re the potential girls within a few weeks and you would not have the time to see or spend any quality time with all the girls on your short list.

3. People are never the same in the flesh as they look in their photos and their personalities can also be totally different from the emails they have been sending you. Many girls (and guys) use their best photos, usually several years old and they do not look anything like they did when the photos were taken.

4. Virtually all the girls are emailing loads guys at the same time….
They are all looking for the serious guy(s) who will go out and meet them. And unfortunately many of them will marry virtually anyone to escape their present situation.

5. Some of the smarter girls use the internet café as their office and their business is SCAMMING guys into sending them money.

6. Many girls are looking for a cash cow to send them money every month.

7. Virtually ALL Thai people think ALL Foreigners are rich !
and no matter how hard you try, you will not convince them.

8. If you get to the marrying stage, expect to build a new house and get a car for your new Thai spouse and don’t forget you are now the new provider for her family. Failure to do those few things will cause her to “lose face” and that’s worse than anything for a Thai…..


Sorry guys but these two would be wanting to borrow your razor in the morning!


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How to find your dream girl

The best way is to be introduced by someone already married to a nice Thai girl (like myself) and has the contacts and network of the very rare nice single (and some divorced) girls who are serious about marriage and seriously DO NOT WANT to marry a THAI MAN.

You may contact me if you are serious and can afford my services...
(2 weeks of my time – £1500 + hotel and flights) I can help you avoid all the
scams and cons and offer personal advice and access to my wife’s real Thai
friends and connections.

Please note: Most of these girls do not speak English and are very scared of foreigners … So If you really want to meet a True Thai wife to spend the rest of your life with and are not interested in the stupid “sexy young gold digger hookers” … Message me

However, for the brave guys who want to go out and do it alone….
Read on…. The first thing to do it is pick a big city (like Cebu, Philippines or Khon Kaen, Thailand) and go there for a few weeks. This is how I found my Filipino wife… and the method is fast and works very well.

Read this FREE ebook –  private-dancer if you have never been to Thailand before.


Sexy  thai girl

A few weeks before you travel and then, once there, you log into one of the websites like  or and contact all the girls you are interested in, stick to just that city (ie. Cebu, Chiang Mai or wherever) and inform them you are there in person. Avoid Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket because those are the cities the girls go to work at as bar girls. You need to find a nice girl in her “home town” or village that has never been exposed to all the sex bars and crap in those areas.

You tell them you are very serious and that you have come to look for a serious relationship and would like to meet them for a coffee. Ask for their phone number and get a cheap SIM card while out there, so they can call you, and set up meetings with them. In my experience, you have to physically meet at least 10 girls to find one that you really click with

I set up meetings at a coffee shop in a big plaza and arranged about 6 appointments per day (one every hour) They come meet you and you have a coffee and a chat. (limit each meeting to a max of 30 mins) After a few days or about a week of doing this you will have a short list of girls you really like and then you can arrange to see them again but this time for a longer time, ie. go to the movies or sightseeing. The way to know if the girl is good (ie. not a bar girl) is that she will have friends or a family member with her when she meets you, they are still into the old ways out there. (If they speak fairly good English or you see any tattoo’s it will be a 99% chance or indication that you are dealing with a bar girl)

When you think you have found the one ! and I assure you….. you will know…. you will want to spend as much time as possible with her.

However, remember there are still a lot of cons and you should never start sending money over when you return home. Also there are some dangerous games some girls play, and it is quite common to hear of a foreigner getting mugged in a taxi (cos the girl set you up etc.)

Obviously, if you can afford to take me with you, (£1500 + flights and hotel expenses for 2 weeks as your personal guide), I can help you a lot more with places to go and places to avoid.

Avoid or Don’t go to Manila it’s a horrible place and very dangerous.

When I found my last wife (back in 2002) , I had interviewed about 12 girls and I had a really good connection with her… she was texting me everyday and we got on really well. I took her to Boracay (Best holiday Island in the Philippines) for a few weeks and we then stayed together in a villa that I rented for another 2 months, to see how we got on etc. Then while I was there we booked her appointment at the British Embassy for her fiancee visa and she flew home with me. (I was there for 3 months in total).


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Thailand vs Philippines

I often get asked; Which country is best for fun or finding a serious marriage partner ?

Well, because I was married to a Thai for 7 years and lived in Thailand for over 10 years and have also been married to a Filipino for 5 years, I would definitely say ….. forget the Philippines if you want the exciting and erotic nightlife and bars.

For the fun and nightlife it has to be Thailand.

young thai girls

However, if your looking for a loving and faithful wife… then the Philippines would be the best choice. Philippine women are much easier to live with, understand and usually marry for the long term.
Thai women can also be very good wives but there are many more Thai divorce cases than Filipino…….
In my own experience, virtually all the Thai girls I have known are on their 2nd or even 3rd husband and virtually all the Filipino’s that I got to know through my ex wife are still married to the same guy.  

Make your own mind up…  To me it is fairly obvious that the Thai’s are more “business minded” when looking to capture a new ATM machine to support them and also their families. I was basically very unlucky in my own case as it is very rare for Filipinos to divorce and I also admit I was on the rebound and a bit naive as my Filipino wife was only 25 and I was in my 40’s when we married. (Long story short, I found out she was having an affair with the driving instructor!!! So out she went.) 


My latest wife of 6 years now has been the easiest and most incredible experience of my life…
Can you imagine having a wife that basically want’s to be with you and around you 99% of the time…?
No going off with her mates every weekend and eating or playing cards with them every other day or more…
No stupid trips to the Casino every weekend. In actual fact I sometimes cannot believe she is actually Thai !

However, my new wife is very well educated and finished university… she worked in a Bank and then the local government.. in fact all the other Thai’s we meet here in the UK are an embarrassment as 95% are from the bars. She has a few Thai friends but the culture shock for her when she arrived was incredible… She had never even been in a Thai bar let alone know any bar girls back home in Thailand…

Imagine her horror when they all start talking about their “boring” husbands and the latest Gik they had found to have wild sex with!!! A Gik is the Thai girls word for a boyfriend on the side.  

So how did I meet such a genuine and honest Thai girl that was not a gold digger. Not sure really…
I think “The UNIVERSE or GOD” had realized how much shit and suffering I had been through over the years and decided it was time for me to have a nice one… Or maybe I just got lucky… One thing is for sure, I and my wife are very happy, contented and want to be together all the time. She earns her own money and has never ever asked me to send money home to support the family…

WHY ? You may ask, as virtually every guy married to a Thai knows that “they are expected to supply money on a monthly basis” to support the family (and the lazy brothers and sisters back home in Thailand who think their sister has won the lottery and stop all previous work to sponge off the new ATM machine Farang)
Well, it is only the uneducated girls that end up working the bars and they have never ever earned any serious money or even had a well paid or respected job. What you have to understand is that in Thailand there are millions and millions of well off and rich Thai’s. They have big houses and more money than what we would call middle class over here in the UK.  In Thailand there is a massive divide between rich and the poor. The poor are totally exploited and the rich are ruthless and pay peanuts to their workers. 


Here is the problem for western guys trying to meet a nice / well educated Thai girl from a rich family (By the way, they are not all “nice”, in fact many of the rich Thai girls are so spoilt, they would be a living nightmare for a westerner to try to support) Thai’s love to shop and even the Thai men are scared of how they spend money…

The problem is this….

If a Thai girl is seen (by family, friends or co workers) with a Farang

It is automatically assumed … that the girl is a BAR GIRL, Hooker or Prostitute, so they literally run away from any foreigners that try to talk to them or date them. They do not want to “Lose their face”.  

However, some relationships are formed if the guy is working for a big company in Thailand or is a teacher or has some obvious good standing in the Thai community. I met mine via the internet, but let me explain… we spoke every single day (via translation websites and dictionaries) I also knew from past experience of living in Thailand how all the internet cafes were full of girls writing to several guys at the same time… To them it is a business and they are simply telling each guy the same old shit and getting them to send money every week or month or whatever.

I knew, I had to go and meet(my new girlfriend) ASAP…  Within a month I was on a plane to meet her…  It should also be noted that I also had several other girls that were writing to me (via the Thai lovelinks website). On my arrival I had planned to see all of them over the next 3 weeks by travelling to about 4 different areas in Thailand. However, I was incredibly lucky to meet my new wife first……  She was as nervous as hell and could not speak much English and this was a huge chance she was taking (meeting a foreigner from the internet) She was 37 yrs of age, divorced and had one son. Well, this post is getting too long already so I will finish up by saying, I was so impressed with this girl that I never even went to see any of the others, I stayed the whole 3 weeks in a hotel in Maha Sarakham… one of the most un interesting cities in Thailand with hardly any bars and virtually no foreigners walking around..  

She lived at home and worked in her government office during the daytime. At 5 pm after her office work, she would drive home, see her son and parents for a short time then back in the car to spend a few hours with me. This was how it went for the 3 weeks…  On my return to the UK, I knew I had found the most incredible person and we made plans for her to come to the UK on a holiday…  Next step was the fiancee visa, then we brought her 14 yr old son over a year later. We have now been married for 6 really happy years and I sincerely believe will be together for the rest of our lives.


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The massive problems with website dating

Online dating is so normal now that one of 8 marriages originates online. Yet there are huge risks. because of the obvious online anonymity with probably more than 50% of dating profiles being totally false and used to scam people, all sorts of cons, and sick crimes done in the name of love”.  

Download this FREE Ebook – private-dancer

So you have created your profile and joined a couple of dating sites and the girls are sending you messages of interest and you are scanning the 1000’s of profiles and emailing them back…….

int cafe Thailand

To join the sites I have recommended are free but to send and receive messages you do have to join (about £10 – £15 per month). The difference between the UK dating sites and the Thai / Filipina dating sites is simple….

With the UK websites you will probably get a ZERO response.

With the Asian websites you can get up to 10 girls per day sending you their interest.

So what is the down side of getting all these girls emailing you ?

1. Firstly, you will be spoilt for choice and they will be from all over the Philippines or Thailand. You may think that going out there and visiting them all is an option but to be honest, it would be impractical to try to visit several places and see 10-20 girls within a few weeks and you would not have the time to see or spend any quality time with all the girls on your short list. If you want a good motorcycle check out yamaha warrior xv1700 Or a swimming pool in Thailand.


2. People are never the same in the flesh as they look in their photos and their personalities can also be totally different from the emails they have been sending you. Many girls (and guys) use their best photos, usually several years old and they do not look anything like they did when the photos were taken.

3. Virtually all the girls are emailing loads guys at the same time….
They are all looking for the serious guy who will go out and meet them. And unfortunately many of them will marry virtually anyone to escape their present situation.

That is a big mistake guys….. It is better to stay single than be in a shit relationship with a woman that only sees you as an ATM machine. If there is no love or connection between you… then you are in for a really bad ride.

I have seen so many relationships fail because the GUY falls madly in love with the girl but the girl is simply being nice and marrying the guy to get into the UK so she can work and send money home…..

The Bar Girl Syndrome: So many men fall absolutely and crazily in love with a “hooker from the bar ” and think… “this girl actually truly loves me” and he wants to live with her…

Never ever forget this …

Once a girl starts working as a bar girl… you will never get that experience out of her head… It will be there forever and she will always have the escape plan that if things don’t work out with you she can always go back to the BAR. Just go read “private dancer” then, maybe you will understand. Free ebook >  private-dancer

The internet cafes in Thailand and the Philippines are full with girls emailing 10-20 guys each at a time, telling them “ALL” how much she loves them and how she cannot wait for him to come and see her / marry her. There are some girls and guys out there that write the long love letters (for a small fee).

There are also very smart girls who work the internet dating sites as a very profitable business. These girls have absolutely NO INTENTION of marriage, all they do is play on the feelings and loneliness of single guys and after a few emails start to ask for money because of a whole load of crazy excuses.

Do you know that a girl can make £100’s per week from just a few lonely guys all sending here money every month, all thinking they are the only one she is writing to. If she had a normal job she would be extremely lucky to make £100 per month…!!!

So why would she go to work when she can have a good life with loads of money just by emailing lonely guys for an hour or so every week.

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Helmet days in Thailand

One of the things all foreigners are amazed at when visiting Thailand for the first time is the way the Thai police act when it comes to enforcing the law regarding the wearing of helmets. It really is the weirdest thing you have ever seen. 


The Thais seem to just hate to wear crash helmets and only do so if they think it will stop the police on helmet day stop them… never mind the kids or family…  ! So why do the police only ever stop people not wearing a helmet on certain days? Usually a Tuesday but could be any day! Because it is a money making exerciser and they catch hundreds of people every time they go out to do this….  So lets show you how it works and see if you can see any other logical reason that it is not the craziest place on the planet.

So you get stopped and they give you your fine (200 Baht) off you go to the police station to pay your fine. When you return you show one of the many policemen (can be as many as 20 policemen all hiding around some corner to catch all the unsuspecting bike riders… You show them you have paid your fine and they then give you back your motorbike keys… You get on your bike and they allow you to drive away… now because you have paid your fine for that day… you can continue riding the bike without a helmet! Now does that make any sense at all! NO


You would also think after (I can remember at least 20 years ago this still happening) that the Thais would start to get a bit fed up with the fines and simply wear a helmet. 


How about the next day, you see all these people riding around with NO HELMETS, kids and dogs and god knows what else is being carried on the bike and guess what….  All the policemen you see standing on corners or sitting in the police booths and driving around on motorbikes with (Yes) they have a helmet on but the strap is not done up so if they fall off the helmet will not be of any use whatsoever! So if it is not the designated “helmet day” They do not stop anyone for not wearing a helmet! 

Thai police in pursuit

Obviously there is no law for how many people you can have on a bike!


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