Start a Removals Business: Home or Office Relocation – UK or Europe

The business you are about to embark on is not only very enjoyable where you get to meet some very interesting people but also get to see lots of new places and can earn a very good income. It covers Local and National UK removals and also European removals.

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Start a removals business

The reason this manual has been transformed into a book is because I have now retired from the business and living the good life abroad in the sun…I no longer do actual removals or live removal training courses. 

I’ve been in the removals business for 14 years. During that time I have physically done approximately 1500 home and office removals, so have a wealth of experience to share. Prior to that I was in Network Marketing as a Recruiter and Trainer for 10 years of which enabled me to live and work in many different countries. For the last few years before I retired, I personally ran the live “Removal Business Training” days and have trained about 50 people from all over the UK, Scotland, Ireland, and even a few from Spain and France.

The cost of a one day training was £950

This manual covers EVERYTHING I used to teach on the course. It was also printed and given to every course attendee. So please understand that the cost of this manual is “peanuts” compared to the actual live training. 

It is the INFORMATION and EXPERIENCE you are paying for not just “another book”. This information will save you many thousands of pounds in wasted time and money, trying to do things your own way… 

What I teach is WHAT WORKS and more importantly… WHAT DOES NOT WORK.

There are 1000’s of man and van operators out there and they’re all still scratching their heads and desperate to find out how to get the high paying removal jobs… £350 – £3000 + per removal.. But because of their limited mentality, they cannot see the value in paying for information that could totally transform their business…. from making £50 to £100 a day to £350+ per day…. And there have been many times where I and even many of my trainee students have earned over £1000 in a day…

So do you think you might pick up a few tips in my book… ?

INFORMATION is the KEY to SUCCESS not just in the removal game, in anything… but unfortunately, most people are simply not teachable. 

I was introduced to this business 14 years ago, by another retired gentleman who had also just retired from the game… I remember meeting him after a few telephone conversations. He had advertised in the Dalton’s weekly, a Businesses for Sale publication, This was his ad… “International Removals business for sale £5000 Includes the van, computer and how to get the business.” I was intrigued and called him up but unfortunately he had sold the business to someone the previous day… So I became friendly with him and tried to pick his brains about how much money did he make and where to get the business and leads etc.. He told me, on average you could make £1000 profit on a run to Spain and £650 to Germany etc… In the end, I called him up again and asked, “If I pay you £50… will you tell me how this business works?” he started laughing and said… “Are you fucking joking… you want me to tell you how you can make £300+ per day for fifty quid…. Make it £500 and I will…” 

Well…. I did and Yes it totally changed my life… 

The Removals Training Academy website is FOR SALE and has many pages (all currently disabled but will reinstate if someone wants the website…) including a blog, testimonials etc.  Contact page for Telephone, SKYPE or WhatsApp consultations, should you feel you need more help or support after going through the manual…  Removals Training Academy 

Order the manual here



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