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There is absolutely nothing in Maha Sarakham and many other major cities in Thailand (newspapers, websites or business directories) where anyone can go and find the shop or business that are looking for.

UNTIL NOW  – Check out – 

Why did I set it up?

Well, firstly I was bored and because I create websites, I  saw a need and decided to do something about it. 

I was searching for a shop that “sold fish” and I eventually found one on GOOGLE.  No answer when we rang the number, so we decided to click on the Google maps and directions and drove to the shops location. It only turned out to be a house in a normal road with no other shops nearby and when the owner answered the door, he said… “Oh we closed the business over 1 year ago” !!!

So I looked online again for other businesses, as there is no local newspaper or any medium for shops to advertise where they are…  All I found, were the occasion Google listing that directed me to a dead Facebook page that had not been updated for a year or more!

Anyway, I realised that this would be a good business for the city (not that I am interested in running it as I want an easy live and am semi retired, but I am good at setting up businesses and websites)



So now that it is all set up and I have done 3 months work by going around taking pictures and uploading 175 businesses and shops onto the site. I am ready to SELL it and let someone do the marketing and expand it to other cities all over Thailand.

As I am now working on another business website that is all about yachts and boats, of which. is my lifelong passion. So I now spend several hours a day working on that website. is to for sale

I will accept 15,000 Baht (£300) 

This is how I would get it up and running if I was going to run it myself..

  1. Find a smart Thai who can run a sales team with sales and marketing experience This person would be the manager 
  2. Two or three THAI Sales agents. Their job will be to visit all the businesses in Maha Sarakham (or in another city if you live elsewhere) 

How do the agents make money?

Leaflets and stickers would need to be distributed in Maha Sarakham or your city to build the awarness. Other marketing methods are large posters around the city and Internet / Social media marketing.  The stickers are for the shops to place in their shop windows and many more will be all over the city.

All businesses can register and get a 3 month FREE listing on

A 1 year listing costs 950 Baht (which works out to less than 20 Baht per week)

However, the sales agents can visit the shop and show them the listing (Already uploaded) and give them a sticker and a leaflet. They can then offer the shop owner the special deal of upgrade today and get 1 extra year FREE.

So that’s 2 years 3 months for only 950 baht = 116 weeks at only 8 Baht per week

The sales agents make 25% of any money generated

So a basic 1 year listing will earn the sales rep 250 Baht approx, but there are also featured listings and power listings. So that means the agent could make over 500 Baht per shop.

How many shops can a sales agent do in a day ? Probably 40 or 50 but they will not all want to go for the deal. so assuming only 25% say YES = 10 x 250 Baht = 2500 Baht per day

There are also a few categories that are 5000 baht per year 
New Cars or Motorcycles – Property and Land for sale – Hotels and Rooms to let and a few others. These types of businesses will generate even more money for the sales agents.

The Marketing manager will get a % percentage from each sale the agents do.

If you know anyone that may be interested in this business / website anywhere in Thailand 

Please get them to contact me here 


Although the site is set up for the Maha Sarakham area, I have created categories for all the major cities in Thailand so it can be operated anywhere in Thailand. I have translated all the major sections and categories to THAI and ENGLISH and uploaded 175 businesses to date. The website is based on the WORDPRESS platform and you can transfer it to your own hosting service or leave it where it is and just pay the hosting costs about $20 per year. 

Some knowledge of wordpress and or website building is required but there are also many people available on (for example) who can help you in you don’t want to manage it yourself.



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