Divorce rate between Thai girls and Foreign husbands

Here is an interesting article from The Nation, a national newspaper in Thailand.

Now if these statistics are just from Khon Kaen,  I cannot imagine what the Foreigner to Thai girl divorce rate is for the whole country!

Khon Kaen – A total of 142 divorce cases were sent to the Khon Kaen Civil Court in just three months, most of them involving with Thai women seeking divorce from their western husbands, a senior judge said Saturday.

Patikorn Khonpipit, chief justice of the Juvenile and Family Court in Khon Kaen, said the divorce cases reached the court during July 1 to September 30.

He said most of the cases were filed by Thai women who wanted to get divorce from their foreign husbands.

The judge said Khon Kaen was one of the provinces with a lot of Thai women getting married with foreigners and many of them became disillusioned later so they filed for divorce.

The Nation

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