Lambs to the slaughter – J

Here is another guy (J from the USA) that has stayed at our resort many times in the past but the last time he was alone and had booked a whole month.

J turned up and was distraught to say the least, he had moved all his stuff out and was storing it at a Thai friends house. He had been kicked out of his house after 14 years of  living together but he loved his dogs and cats and even his “crazy” wife. 

He claimed she was an alcoholic and would not listen to reason, she would go out with her friends and come back drunk and abusive. Everyone had advised him to get out of the relationship for years but as he travelled back and forth to the USA over the last 14 years, he just kept going back to her and his house I suppose, supporting her and the whole family, kids, dogs, cars and everything for 14 years. The problem is, he built the house and feels that he is losing everything he built up over the years. (But the reality in Thailand is that you cannot own land and it is extremely rare for any “Farang” to come out of any relationship with any money, house or land.

She even had a child with another foreign guy who also sends money and turns up periodically to visit his daughter and her. It is also claimed, by other villagers, that she has a Thai man as a boyfriend living with her when ever J was in the USA!

Now, I like J a lot and we hit it off as friends and have had many a beer and chat together but he would not accept that his wife / girlfriend had another two guys shagging her. He assured me that she only had “him” as a sleeping partner and the rumours were all totally untrue!

So what can we do when someone will not accept the truth when it slaps them in the face! The last I heard, he had moved back in with her and had paid all the outstanding bills again, (car payment and dog and cat food, electric, cable TV and the rest) and said he was only going to support her to the tune of 15,000 – 20,000 Baht per month from now on!!! Even if she had a proper job in the bank or something, she could not earn that! 

He was living here full time on a retirement visa but as the relationship is so stormy, he is now going to live between the USA and Thailand and still support her!


J also introduced me to his old friend from the UK who was visiting and his story is even more enlightening.

I only met him for about an hour with J one afternoon as J was staying at out hotel. Anyway, this poor guy was in his 70’s and was married to a younger Thai woman and sadly she dropped down dead from a heart attack while they were walking together near their UK home in London. Now it that was not a hard enough blow, listen to the rest of his story.

They also had a house here in Thailand that was all paid for and furnished which they used when staying in Thailand. As his wife had died, he had to come to Thailand to sort out the house, bank accounts (with  £10,000’s  on deposit)  and all paperwork etc. The house should in theory revert to him as there were no children and he was the legal husband.

When he arrived, he found that the house had been broken into (by her relatives and family members) and all the furniture was gone. The bank accounts had been emptied (He had no idea how they managed to do that without the death certificate, but in Thailand – anything is possible) He was then chased out of the village and told to never come back. He was scared to death and had to leave Thailand ASAP. 

However, 6 months later, and at 70 + years of age, he has a new Thai girlfriend and was visiting her nearby with plans to take her on holiday to Vietnam and more.





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One thought on “Lambs to the slaughter – J

  1. Ruben

    The callous disregard for falung doesn’t seem to have any limit.

    Thanks for sharing these stories. I will send mine when I’ve had time to decompress the situation.

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