Thai girls and Foreign men

As I see so many variations on the Thai girlfriends and foreign (FARANG) boyfriend scenarios running a hotel here in Thailand, I though it would help a lot of un-suspecting guys to learn about what really happens here on a daily basis.

I was going to start a totally independent blog called 

“Lambs to the slaughter”

But I think I can post all the stories on here as I have a good following of readers and

IF YOU LIKE THE POSTS – You can share them on Facebook or any other Social Media site.

So let’s start with this weeks 3 new guests (I am not going to use their names to protect their identity)

Kevin  from Canada

I now have Kevin’s permission to publish his full story and he even suggested, I write a book with all my stories!  So here’s Kevin’s story.

Kevin arrived a few days ago in a terrible state and very upset and scared to say the least, as two Thai girls brought him to our hotel as a sort of “safe house” because they saw him wandering around in a local village with his two large suit cases after being kicked out of his wife or girlfriends house by the police. (not sure yet if he was actually married) It turns out that one of the policeman, is his wife or girlfriends boyfriend. She loved to gamble and it seems that poor Kevin refused to keep funding her and was duly kicked out by the girl, the policeman and her family. 

The 2 girls who brought him to our hotel wanted to help him and they even bring him food and snacks a couple of times a day. I only just met him personally yesterday as he had been hiding in his room for 3 days, scared to go out in case the police and his ex found him before he flies home to Canada in a few days time. 

I hear, he has been sending her money, approx 50,000 Baht (£1000) per month !!! for about a year. Yet, the average wage in Thailand is only 15 – 20,000 pm!

My wife had been chatting to the two girls who have been explaining what happened etc. Today I hear, the girlfriend and the policeman have been looking for him and had asked the 2 girls where they had taken him… They told her (and the Thai policeman boyfriend) that he was at our hotel and we had already informed the Thai Immigration office that he is staying at our hotel. (A requirement for all hotels with foreign guests) 

This has apparently scared the policeman and her away because the Immigration police have a lot more power than the normal police. The reason they were looking for poor Kevin was to try to extract even more money out of him as he was their major source of income for the last couple of years.

Kevin is now out of his room and feeling a lot more protected now the immigration office are aware of him and has been chatting to my wife, myself and the other guests and is swimming in the pool and in a much better mood now.

You may be thinking he may have been saved BUT….. 

Kevin has now started to make plans to come back in about 6 months time and start a new relationship with one of the 2 girls that had rescued him!!!

However, the story with her is, that she is “still married to a Thai guy” but all is not well in their relationship. The girl has told her friend that she needs to get rid of her Thai husband before she can start a full on relationship with her new cash cow K… 

Now I’m sure she is truly in love with him and it has absolutely nothing to do with the 50,000 Baht PER MONTH he was sending to the last girl!

UPDATE 6 am on 24th March 2018

We helped Kevin escape yesterday evening at 5 PM. He was supposed to checkout this morning at 7 AM and fly back to Bangkok and then USA his home. 

Two of the vampires (girls)  were here at 5 AM knocking on his bungalow window so my wife had to go down and tell them he had left yesterday. They have only just left after an hour or so of talking!!  

So what happened yesterday? Well Kevin was still unaware, that the girl he was supposed to be going out with now, was still married and she was playing him along with her friend to set him up for supporting her (sending money) when he got home with the promise they will be together on his return to Thailand in September. 

My wife told me that the two girls were really bad girls and well known in the area, so I decided to go tell Kevin the truth to try to help him understand what was going on. 

I told him the girl who he was (quickly becoming besotted with) was still married and not even separated like he had been told. Also that she had been called by the first girlfriends policeman boyfriend and asked, where he was? She told the policeman that he was at our hotel and the emigration knows where he is. This frightened the policeman (as the Emigration police have much more power).  

So he was very shocked at my revelation and clearly upset, but thanked me for helping him see through all their bullshit. So I asked him what exactly happened with the first girl he left and supported for a year.

He said “I was only there for a few days and she kept wanting money to buy things and then the straw that broke the camels back was, she asked me to buy her a cow (20,000 Baht)! I  said no way, and she got all abusive and stormed out of the house. She returned at 11 PM drunk, with her policeman boyfriend!!! and they both kicked me out. I was taken in by her friend and her husband (also a policeman), and for the next week they made me buy them and another 3 people meals 3 x a day, beer every day and then the policeman was trying to get me to give him more money! I got mad and left their house and that’s when the other two girls found me wandering down the road with my cases and brought me to your hotel.

Then Kevin tells me that the day before, the girl turned up with another “friend” who explained that the first girlfriend, was a bad lady and that she was playing a game with him to extract money. This new “friend” then went on to call “one of her rich boyfriends in the USA” and show him how easy it was to get money out of foreign men. She also has an American husband but he only comes for 3 months per year (so she has a few other boyfriends on the go as well) 

Kevin and I have no idea why she wanted to do this in front of him, I can only imagine it was to show off in front of her friend or him or whatever!

Kevin told me, She called up this guy and was all sexy and sweet on the phone and doing a video call showing herself by our swimming pool and saying how she wants to get a similar pool at her house. He agrees to buy her a pool and then a bit more loving chat and the call ended. She turned to him and said “SEE that is how easy it is, he will buy me a swimming pool now because he is a racing car driver and very rich.

I told Kevin, “But you do realise that your “new” girlfriend is learning all this shit about how to get money out of unsuspecting foreigners from her friend”!

He looked at me stony faced and said – “Yes I can see whats going on now, but she is coming here later and we are going to the shopping centre and see a movie.” 

I said, Well, I suggest you just play along, as you’re leaving in the morning and you don’t need any issues today or this evening, just pretend you have not heard anything I have told you. 

In the afternoon he arrives back and there are 4 girls with him, all carrying bags of shopping and a kilo of prawns each… He had been treating them all again… !

My wife calls me and tells me he has cancelled the 7 AM taxi for the morning and the girls are taking him to the airport. Not good she tells me because her husband knows she is seeing him now. She tells me what one of the other girls had told her. 

About 10 minutes later, the girls all leave and Kevin is sitting by the pool. So I walk over and ask him, “Do you want to swap stories because I have heard some more details”?

“Yes OK” he says. Then starts telling me about how there was a misunderstanding and she really is in love with him and how they are really separated and her husband is gone etc. 

“That’s not what I have heard Kevin”, his face looks worried again…  “I heard you have cancelled the taxi for the morning! I think you need to know some facts before you jumping a car with these girls in the morning as, YOU DO want to catch your flight I assume”?

“Yesterday her husband followed you and his wife to the shopping centre and saw you together. On her return home ALL her windows were smashed in her house and she had a massive fight and argument with her husband”

I also told him that, the new girlfriend, had planned to get him to help her get a passport and a visa for the USA and when there…. If Kevin did not give her money, she could find someone else and would send money back to her “husband to clear his debts”.  (this was obviously a ploy to get the husband to agree to a divorce so she could capture Kevin.) 

Kevin was stunned to say the least, clearly upset because he has had his feeling shattered once again. He was very quiet for a while and then said, “I need to get out of here now! Can you call me a taxi and I will go to a hotel in Khon Kaen and in the morning go straight to the airport”. 

I told him that was a great plan but, do not tell them anything (hotel or your plans) until you are on the plane, as they could quite easily try to be at the airport and cause a scene and demand money etc.

He agreed and then 2 of the 4 girls he went out with that day showed upon a motorbike. They had come to warn him about the girl he was seeing but they could not get him to understand them, as they spoke zero English. They told my wife they felt so sorry for him and everything he had been through, and wanted to help him. They were very genuine and clearly upset, and one older girl was actually crying as she said, she tried to tell him several times.

This restored my faith in humanity as obviously not all the Thai girls are as cruel and calculating as some of the ones I am writing about on this blog.

The taxi arrived and Kevin left to an unknown hotel in Khon Kaen.

This morning at 5 AM, the new “money sucker girlfriend” is at our hotel with her friend looking for him, and my wife has informed me that, she had been calling him all evening but he has not been answering her calls and text messages, so she came to the hotel early to find out why. My wife just  informed them that he took a taxi yesterday at 5 PM and he told us, he was visiting a friend.

Hopefully Kevin is at the airport as I write this and boarding his flight to Bangkok, so we have at least saved Kevin from another money sucking vampire.


German guy (living in Chonburri) 

We also have a German guy booked in for 3 nights, (I don’t know his name as I write this).  He keeps himself to himself and is about 46 yrs of age. His girlfriend looks about 16  years of age in her uniform….. but my wife has informed me she must be about 20 ish as she is studying at the University.  This is a fairly common thing we see with older guys and young students that have met on some dating website like “Thai Friendship” on the internet. 

These guys are fairly smart in their operations as they already live in Thailand and have a business or online business, nice car and I assume loads of girlfriends chasing them. They use the dating sites to find “nice educated Thai girls”  instead of the typical “bar girl” and hooker type that most guys seem to end up with. The University girls are FREE (no money needs to be paid to them as they do not want to be seen as hookers) The guy(s) pretend to be looking for a serious wife and give the same old story about wanting to build a house in Thailand… This makes the girls go crazy and they will sleep with you and be your girlfriend even if you have two heads and one leg and in a wheelchair!

So this German guy spends the daytime around the pool on his computer and takes the student to her lessons in the morning… back again at lunchtime for more shagging as curtains drawn and then back to school for the afternoon session. Evenings they go out for dinner and then back to the room for more shagging till the morning. How do we know they are shagging…? The bin has many used condoms in it every morning.


This guest above, reminds me of another guy we had a few months ago, so before I forget, let me tell you briefly about a 72 yr old guy from England, Very overweight, bulging eyes and belly and not very fit to say the least. He turned up with a really nice girl who worked at a local office. She must have been late 20’s or early 30’s. Very attractive with her own car but she was acting like his slave… Going to the shops for him, doing all his little jobs that most of us would do ourselves.

Anyway, after, a few days, I found out he was still married and had a wife of 35 years in the UK and had no intention of getting a divorce. He said he just comes over for a bit of fun! I can only assume that he has used the “I’m looking for a wife and want to build a house” story on her. I felt really sorry for her as again, every morning there were used condoms in the bathroom so he was shagging her every night as well.


R from USA

Well R was a really nice guy, had booked a week with us and we had many interesting chats in the Cabana near the pool. He was about 60 ish and had a fairly attractive older type girlfriend (probably in her 40’s) who still works doing massage  “Pattaya” !

I believe they met on the internet and she had told my wife he had already paid about 500,000 Baht for her to have a boob job and also a tummy tuck. He also sends her money every month and was here at our hotel looking around her village to buy her land and build a house! (About 400,000 for the land and 1 million for the house)!

He has no intention to take her to the USA or for him to retire to Thailand (not for quite a few years anyway) However, he is still sending her money every month and only intends to come to Thailand once or twice a year…  I kid you not… He is besotted with her but to everyone else, we see a very lucky older type bar girl indeed. I sincerely hope they will be happy and stay together for a long long time….

BUT as we all know, and you will soon understand, if you keep reading my blogs about the “Lambs to the Slaughter”, most guys end up losing everything because they fall in love with the girl and cannot understand that “she does not love him” She only loves him as long as he keeps sending money or paying for everything. To the girl it is, (95% of the time) a business decision and he is her winning lottery ticket. You will most likely (unless she is educated and has a good job or own business etc.) become the walking bank for the girl and her entire family.

My own experience: In 1992, I married my first Thai wife (I endured it for 7 years then divorced her for her gambling, drinking  and wasting money all the time.) I used to send £100 (5000 Baht) per month to help her mum and dad and support her 2 kids in Thailand (Side note- She had not even seen the children for some 4 years when we met and they were living with their father who had re married!) The whole family of 6 brothers and sisters all gave up their jobs and started living on the 5000 B per month I was sending and that was only the start… Many months she would get a phone call and come off the phone saying there is “another problem in Thailand” and she had to send more money.. It never ever stopped.


Yet they ALL say – OH, My girlfriend is different and really loves me.

I have so many True stories to tell about my own and so many other guys experiences, so I will start to write them all down individually as separate future posts. 

Finally a word of advice from an experienced expat veteran of Thailand for 28+ years

Smart guys do not sell up EVERYTHING and move to Thailand. 
The best or safest thing to do is ,
Keep any UK or foreign property or asset you own in your home country. 

Then rent it out, so as you can live on the income comfortably over here in Thailand.
Be prepared to have to walk away from any Thai investment, girlfriend or marriage.


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5 thoughts on “Thai girls and Foreign men

  1. Pete lambden

    Good advise Carlo……I will see you soon

    • Mark

      Thanks Pete, yes do come and visit or I travel around Thailand with my wife so could even meet up wherever you end up. All the best mate.

  2. Great content and very contemporary. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts or insight into the usual manner in which a male gik would behave towards a falung husband. I had always assumed they would lurk in the background, but an recent experience involves very direct and overt behavior, where the gik does everything possible to challenge falung and send taunts via the net.
    Is this sort of thing becoming more common place?

    • Mark

      Hi Rubens,
      Well, in my experience over the last 25 years of coming to Thailand and living here for a good 10 of those years, I would have agreed with you about them (the GIK) staying in the background and encouraging the girl to keep seeing the falang and keep the money flowing. However, a recent case comes to mind where the poor guy was confronted by his girlfriend and the gik (a Thai policeman) and was chased out of the village in the middle of the night. They were both drunk at the time and the poor guy was wandering around with his suitcases until the early hours totally upset and confused (he was sending her well over $1000 per month!!) Luckily some of her Thai friends helped him and brought him to us and we advised him eventually on what really goes on here and how many of the girls treat a falang boyfriend. The following day, the gik and girl were out looking for him (I suppose they realised they had just kicked out their cash cow and wanted to get him back)

      As for your situation, of the gik taunting and challenging you over the internet…. I have never heard of that before. Is the girl aware of what he is doing? Sounds like he is really jealous and afraid he may lose her!

      • Thank you Mark. I read that particular story on this site.A lucky escape it seems.

        That the gik might’ve been scared she would change her mind makes sense.

        She had just received a green card when hubby saw posts on facebook of gik stating how much he loves his wife… Wife flies out of bkk and the calls started as soon as she landed.

        It was quite ridiculous actually, hubby wants to salvage marriage and gik constantly calling and baiting both her and falung husband.

        After several years part time in falungland and being well integrated in community, family and friends, she finally got the green card and could’ve remained indefinitely, even upgraded to a richer person, but she has returned to patch things up with her gik and marry him.

        He must be an amazing flatbacker.

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