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Are you interested in Yachts ?

Would you be interested
in a partnership with me –
Buying and Selling Sailing Yachts ?

One of my passions has always been Yachts and Boats, I’ve had a few boats in my time and also own “The Yacht” and “Boats for Sale by Owner” websites. Recently, I came across a very interesting course, that I eventually purchased called “Yacht Flipping” and because I now have more time on my hands I have been seriously looking into it.


Yacht Flipping or better known to most people as Buying and Selling yachts can be operated purely for profit but the technique is also used, the same way that people buy and sell properties – Starting with one house and then selling and buying a bigger house and keep moving up by flipping properties to a much larger house or a portfolio of properties.

Personally, I am more interested in the buying and flipping, until say for example a £10,000 sailing yacht turns into a £100,000 sailing yacht that I can use myself.

The type of partner I would be interested in doing this with would need to 

  1. Live in the UK
  2. We would need to be compatible and trust each other so a few meetings would be necessary to get to know each other.
  3. Have at least £5000 to invest with me so we could start with £10,000

So is anyone reading this interested buying and selling yachts to eventually own a really nice yacht?  Email me . Truly a Freedom Business.

saviah 7-8x6[1]


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