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Don’t know your life purpose … How to let the universe guide you

Is your Life an adventure or does it seem like a struggle and monotonous waste of time?

All my life I have been plagued by the question… what should I be doing? what do I really want to do and so on…  Well, although  I am now 60 years of age and have worked in more jobs (42 jobs within 2 years of leaving school) and started more businesses than anyone else I know personally…  (yes there are a few people out there that I have “heard about” that have had an even more varied life than myself) but it all comes down to…

  • Trying to find something you love to do
  • and being able to earn a living doing it.

Now if you are one of the “super lucky people” that were born with a life purpose and knew from a very early age, you wanted to be an Artist or a Designer or an Architect or a Sports person or whatever… I take my hat off to you because you have never had to go through all the goal setting,  life planning and all the other stuff the rest of us have had  to do..

However, at the stage of life I am at now, I can honestly say I have no regrets because my life has been extremely varied, I’ve lived in several countries, had several marriages and have lost count of how many businesses I have done. I’ve learned so much about life, people and how the mind works… how people are completely indoctrinated from birth by their parents, religion, schools, the government and then more importantly, your friendss and the people you hang around with or aspire to.

Imagine you have just purchased a brand new computer …  The computer does not know how to do much until you load / install a few “programs”.  The computer is very similar to your MIND or BRAIN and the programs are EVERYTHING YOU LEARN or ARE PROGRAMMED with.  Have you ever wondered  WHY they called them “TV Programs”.

Now imagine trying to get your brand new computer to design a house – It may have a lot of “basic programs that came with the machine” but nothing that will design a house.   A bit like asking an office receptionist , or a doctor, or an Accountant or a Shop Assistant – How to fix your car that has broken down !  They don’t have a clue… because they have never loaded the car mechanics program into their brain.. But if you called someone that has done a lot of work on cars, motorcycles, boats etc.   They may be able to help you.

I have found that my own Life Purpose is to help people with my training skills… I seem to be able to simplify things… show people what their strengths and weaknesses are and lift them out of their current job or situation and start them off on a completely new life path….

Looking back over the last 25 years… This is what I seem to have been doing all along …
I have helped so many individuals change their relationships or career completely… and either do what they love to do or make more money in a completely new business venture.

Let’s get back to the main question – Something I wish I found out 40 years ago….
But hey… I have now realized that my talents lie in Writing, Teaching, Advising, Guiding and helping other people in all sorts of areas….


This section will totally transform your life…  IF… and only…  IF …  YOU CAN LET GO OF ALL YOUR PREVIOUS CONDITIONING AND PROGRAMMING.

THE FACT IS – whether you accept it or not is ….

You have been indoctrinated and  programmed to be a slave to the system.
So you can either start to understand and accept it…. or continue exactly as you have been over god knows how many years…  because you still believe it is YOU that is creating all the thoughts coming into your mind.

  1. Stop trying to work it all out in your head . Your restless mind is what is holding you back, it wants to take control, it wants to make the decisions, it wants to analyze, it wants to set goals, it wants to keep you so frustrated that you cannot possibly satisfy all the things that IT WANTS.
  2. Understand that that to get in touch with the Universal mind and start to realize your own life purpose…. You need to STOP THINKING and spend as much time as possible doing meditation and stilling the mind……  Imagine a stirred up glass of muddy water…  that’ s what your mind is like now… nothing is clear, it’s all cloudy and the more you think, the cloudier it gets.
  3. Get hold of the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – This book will in the first chapter help you understand why your life is so frustration and what you can do to change…
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Start your own removal company

This is an edited  re post of – How would you like how to get into the UK removals game?
I used to run “How to start a removal business” One day courses while I was in England, But I have now retired and live in Thailand.

I can still offer the removals training but only in Thailand.

The website Removals Training Academy is also for sale (£2500), so if you live in the UK, you could continue offering removal training’s. I will teach you all you need to know and you also get my unique powerpoint presentation and master copy of the training manual.

This Removal business model can also be used in France, Spain, all of Europe, Australia, USA and many other countries where there is a housing market and people move home. One of my trainees lived in France and started out doing the UK to France removals and now does France and Spain.


The cost for training in Thailand would be £500 (instead of the usual £750) as you would also need to cover your flights and accommodation for the rest of your stay in Thailand.
Click here to see what the Course and Removal business is all about

Flights to Thailand are anything from £450 – £800+
You can stay in a beach resort like Pattaya or have a two centre holiday (Pattaya and Kho Samui or Phuket or Chiang Mai) and I can come to Bangkok or you can come stay on our resort (1 night free)  to do the one day training.
Whats included-
* Meet you at your hotel in Bangkok or you fly to Khon Kaen.
* Full 1 day training on the removals business as outlined on my website
* This offer is for 2 people (husband and wife or two business partners)
* Copy of the Removal Business manual
* Website with a .com or domain name ( extra £200 – optional)
* Full ongoing support in the business by phone and email.

I suggest you come for two or three weeks and see The Amazing Thailand.
On your return home you will know exactly what kind of van to look for, the website, email drafts and lead generation system will be all set up and ready go…
email me here
If you are fit and strong, don’t mind hard work and are looking for something different to do then this is something I have done for many years in the UK and can also be operated in any City or Country where there is a fairly large population. The UK and USA are probably the best because people move home often.

Removal business training

Home and office removals has earned me some very serious money over the last 9 years and some months, to give you an example, the income was between £5000 – £7000 +  per month. Now although that is a lot of money, you also need to realise, it is very very hard work and to make £7000 in a month we were working 6 days a week and occasionally 7 days. Fridays in particular, we would have double bookings and had to do 2 household removals in a day or offer the second job to another team and take a £50 – £100 kick back.

How it works

  1. Leads come in daily from our online lead generation system
  2. We phone the client and make an appointment to do a quote
  3. At the appointment we work out the cubic metres (the volume)
  4. We phone and email the quote to the customer.
  5. Take a deposit and put the job in the diary

EVERYTHING from quoting, working out the volume in cubic metres, what kind of vans you need to use, how to workout a long distance quote, how much to pay your porters (helpers) and tons more info is all covered on the training day and in the printed manual.

You take £50 or £100 deposit and can either do the removal with your own team or  pass the job over to another company (depends if you want to do the removals yourself or just get the jobs and pass them on to other teams).

An average a 2 -3 bed house removal would cost £350 – £450. (profit about £250 – £300)

A 3 – 4 bed house (local move) would be about £650 – £850. When any distance is involved the quotes are obviously much higher. A good example is of a job a I did a few weeks ago from London to Manchester – 2 bed house and one full van load. The vans we use are 20 cubic metres and about the size of a standard 1 car garage inside. That job was £720 and after taking out the fuel and helper costs, the profit was £450. Although I do not do many actual moves myself now, I am still actively training new people who want to get into the game and make some very serious income. You can get more information on this website.

Freedom Business

When I was first introduced to the removals business, it was by a man I met who had been doing it for 30 + years and was retiring, I started out by doing the International moves to France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and Sweden etc. This was great for a while and I usually only did one job per week and had either several days or a complete week off before the next job.

One trip that sticks in my mind as the most profitable and also the most enjoyable because it was like a touring holiday as well was this one.

We started off in London, a school teacher was moving to Vienna in Austria. We loaded the van(only about half a van load) and set off for the Dover to Calais ferry. I used to take my wife with me on these jobs as it was also like a mini holiday each trip we did. We stayed in Germany one night and then the next day continued down through Germany and then down to Vienna. The scenery all the way down was absolutely stunning and we will never forget the journey. On arrival in Vienna, we were put up in a hotel and treated to an expensive Chinese meal. The next morning we set off driving through the snow covered alps across to Italy winding through the amazing alp roads.

Then we spent one night in Italy as we had a return pick up to do in Nice, South of France. We then set off the next morning for France and because our pickup was not until the Monday morning we had a couple of days to wait. So we had a look around the area – Cannes and Monaco and stayed a another night is Cap de Beaulais (between Monaco and Nice) The pick up was a weird one as we had to double park as the streets in Nice are so full of cars it has to be seen to be believed but we managed to get loaded and the guy we were moving back to Leeds in the UK went off to catch his flight. We then set off up through France and again saw the most amazing lakes in the alps going through France. So that complete trip took 7 days and we had seen France, Germany, Vienna, Italy and South of France all in one job.

Profit after all expenses were deducted was £1750. Not bad for a weeks driving.

After about a year of doing the International moves, I decided to concentrate more on the local UK removals because it was a more profitable (we could do 5 or 6 jobs a week instead of only 1), I worked in the removals game for about 10 years and to this day, I have still have not come across any other service type business, that has even come close to the money you can earn in Home and Office Removals.

Want to get trained up and earn some serious money?

Then check out my training website and see if it is something you might be interested in doing.

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