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The Strangest Secret

This recording is one that I have listened to probably hundreds and hundreds of times.. 

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale


I hope you get as much out of it as I have over the years and as a side note – trusting the universe is what will keep you sane and on track. I will be doing a more in depth post on this subject shortly.

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Freedom Business – Building websites

How do you get started in your own lifestyle and Freedom business?

As you are probably very aware, the world is changing fast and shops and businesses are closing down at an alarming rate. Since the internet took over, local newspapers and directories like Yellow Pages have become smaller or gone out of business completely. High streets are becoming like deserted no go zones where shops have started to disappear and everything can be found cheaper online. Google have become the dominant giant that dictates if you succeed or fail. If you’re business is not on the 1st page of Google you will be struggling to stay in business, and if you’re not in the top 5 positions that capture 60% of the clicks… !

Freedom Business2

I personally feel that Google have a lot to answer for with respect to killing off  god knows how many 10,000’s of small and large (before Google) enterprising businesses. We can’t all be on the 1st page, so how can they possibly survive! Yes there are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing and 100’s of smaller search engines who share about 20% of searches  but Google get a massive 80%.

Also we have ebay and Amazon… These huge international companies are also responsible for many shops and businesses closing down… We the public are also to blame because if we were to support our local high street shops instead of buying online, they would be able to survive. But as we all know, it is so much easier and cheaper to buy “virtually anything now” on ebay or Amazon cheaper, we feel that it is justified.

So I am sure we can all agree that the world of business and jobs is a far different place today than 5 or even 10 years ago. I took my 10 yrs young grand daughter with me to the town centre the other day and we were in an electrical appliance shop. While I was being served, she was playing with the new ipads and hand held devices. When I asked her 4 times to come on we are going home now, I went over to see why she would not leave the shop. She had already found out how to take pictures and was making her own video recording of herself in the store!

The reason for this story is to emphasize how different and fast children are learning things today. Nearly all kids have mobile phones and soon all phones will be Smartphones of which leads us to one of the biggest businesses around today.

The mobile phenomenon 



This year 2013 people accessing the internet via a Smart phone or hand held device will overtake desktop computers. They are growing at such a massive rate that ALL businesses with websites need to change or optimize there websites to mobile viewers or lose the business to those companies that have. One of the best businesses to get into this year and probably for the next several years is “Helping any small business with a website to have a mobile optimized site”


This is one of the businesses that I focus on myself amongst several other website based businesses that allow me the Freedom and Lifestyle we are chatting about here. On the about me page I list a few of my current businesses and some of the businesses I have been involved with over the last 40 years.. because of my love of Freedom and Lifestyle I have done a lot of things, traveled extensively around the world and have always basically worked from home or whatever country I happened to be living in.

So what kinds of businesses are suitable for us Freedom loving individuals?


The list below is just a very small example and obviously will depend on your skills or personality… but these are the types of things that you can start to think about to escape the life you probably have now.

A Freedom – Lifestyle business is one that you can operate from home or anywhere you choose to be, on a laptop or whatever.

  • Consulting
  • Network marketing or MLM
  • Website building – mobile optimized
  • Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation training
  • Alternative health and or healing workshops
  • Seminars – workshops
  • Ebay or Amazon
  • Niche websites
  • Information products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Create your own ebook to market

So what would be a good starter Freedom Lifestyle Business?

What about digital / website services , you could offer  anything from mobile website creation to complete website redesigns and marketing strategies on Facebook and Twitter.

This kind of Freedom business can be very low cost set up and all you really need is to set up a decent looking website and then start to contact some local businesses.

So let’s now assume you have zero website building experience….  These days you do not need to know HTML or any sort of technical know how… I have built most of my websites using the online web builders like wordpress, moonfruit, and there are lots more.

Even if you cannot do the actual work of optimizing the websites to mobile… you can outsource by finding someone on or they work for far less than you will be charging your new client.


Q. What do you think is the most frustrating thing for almost anyone, that has had a website built for them by a web designer ?

A. They are unable to make small changes to their own website quickly.

They have to contact the web designer and wait for days or even weeks to get the changes made and then have to pay, sometimes very serious money to get the changes done.

The websites I build are easily changed and sometimes I can make the changes while I am still on the phone to the customer… but what I want you to understand here is the massive potential for re – building websites that are optimized for mobile and giving the client 2 options.

Option 1

New website – optimized for mobile – hosting and all changes done by you.
This way you can get an ongoing income from the hosting and charge whatever for the changes when needed.

Option 2

New website – optimized for mobile – with a basic training for an hour or so on how to make the changes themselves (new pages, text, uploading pictures, optimization for search engines) This option allows the client to be in total control and you can charge a higher up front fee to include the training.

I have built well over a hundred sites now and they are really easy to optimize for mobile.

If you like the idea of building small business websites as a Freedom Lifestyle business,
I can offer you a simple 1 – 2 hour online training with me while we build a sample website together and I teach you all you need to know about the online web builder

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