Why search for a mentor ?

From an average guy to running a £500,000 pa Telecom company

When I was in my 20`s and starting out in life and a normal job… and looking back…. there was absolutely nobody around that I could turn to for advice. None of my family or friends could understand WHY I wanted to go into business… All I used to hear was… WHY don’t you stop dreaming and get a proper job… I would have given anything to be able to discuss my ideas and dreams with someone older and wiser, someone who had been there and done it and could help me get started.

 If only I had the chance to be able to chat with someone ….. It could have saved me years of frustration and £10,000 / $$$$… Nobody around me was positive, nobody could understand my need to do something different. All they wanted me to do was stop dreaming and be just like them.


It all changed for me when I was in my mid 30’s. I had started a few small businesses like buying and selling cars and doing painting and decorating jobs. But all the time I had a full time job and every time I mentioned to anyone that I was going to give up my job and start my own business…. It was the same old put down every time. If fact my family and friends were the worst.

To give you an idea of my first couple of years after leaving school, I had started out at age 17 as an apprentice painter and decorator… That lasted a few months because the pay was under £10 per week and the average wage at the time was £50 per week. So I gained some basic painting skills and then left to work at the airport. The pay was much better and they let me drive the van on the airfield. A while later I was made redundant as the airport was only busy during the summer months but I soon found another job. Back then there were always plenty of jobs around and if you left one job you could easily find another job a few days later. No CV’s or whatever, just a quick interview and then start tomorrow morning.

 Well let’s fast forward to 18 months after leaving my apprenticeship. Within those 18 months I had worked in no less than 40 different jobs! I stopped counting after that and for the next 15 odd years I did many different things… All the while, searching for the career or vocation that would suit me… During that time I had achieved a great deal of experience in so many trades. I had actually left school with 7 GSE 0 levels including ENGLISH, MATHS AND BUILDING DRAWING amongst 5 other building trade subjects. That led me to work as a bricklayer, a plasterer, an artexer, hod carrier, computer floor layer.. And at age 21 got my HGV heavy goods vehicle license and was happy for a few years driving articulated lorries all over the UK.

During this time, I had also been through another very interesting period in my life. Married at age 20 and divorced at 24 ! A single parent father to 2 girls aged 10 months and 3 yrs… Not an easy time I can assure you. But even through those difficult times I still worked and either my parents or my girlfriend at the time would be helping me with the kids and nursery and then school.


 At about age 31, I had applied to British Telecom and was taken on as a telephone engineer, that was my longest employed position and lasted about 5 years. So at age 36 I had answered an ad in a national newspaper for a business opportunity called “Herbalife” .. I went to a Business Opportunity meeting in London at the Royal National Hotel and could not believe the incomes of what people were earning! To cut a long story short, I joined that night and started to attend the training’s and very soon was earning as much part time as my full time BT job. About 6 months later, I told my family and friends that I was going to leave my “safe and secure, job for life” British TELECOM and do Network Marketing. They were horrified and told me I was crazy and stupid and it would never work etc. Well I shocked them all and left BT and started to do Herbalife full time. I was making about 100 pounds a week at BT but I was now mixing with and working with people making £2000 per week, £5000 a week and some even more. This was back in 1986.

 Up until that time I had no idea people could earn the massive incomes I was being exposed to. So that was the first time I started to receive any real mentoring and success based training. Within 6 months I had out earned my BT salary and was driving a Porsche… Family and friends all thought I was totally insane but I carried on and proved them all wrong.

 Within a year and a half I was earning about £ 2000 per month ($3000) and had even won a £5000 bonus one month by being 3rd in the UK for volume and turnover with my team. That month my income was £7000 and qualified me to attend what they called “millionaire school” in Los Angeles, USA. The training’s and personal development during those first few years were incredible… It made me really understand the old saying “you become like the people you hang around with” my new peer group were all positive thinkers and many were multi millionaires…

 I was exposed to incredible mentoring and small group training’s from people like Mark Hughes, Larry Thompson and Jim Rohn. Anthony Robbins was also a student of Jim Rohn for any younger readers who don’t recognize the name.

Can you imagine being invited to an exclusive top 10 leadership training in the world where only 2 people from the UK qualified… Myself and another distributor with our partners and it was the most incredible experience of my whole life to date. To be in a room with Jim Rohn, Mark Hughes and Larry Thompson and only 10 other distributors .. Most of whom were in the $100, 000 per year bracket to multi millionaires. Then we were taken by limousine to the founder of Herbalife – Mark Hughes private residence in Beverly Hills Los Angeles. That evening we partied and made lifetime connections with the best of the best.

 These incredibly successful legends were my mentors…

Your mentors are whoever you are in daily contact with… So take a serious look around and see who you can hold in esteem and take personal or business advice from..

 Up until the age of 36, I was trapped and held back by my family and friends… You can read as many books and go on as many seminars as you like…. but you will always stay at the same level as the people you work with or hang around with every day. If you want to get better, you have to first stop listening to people around you and start mixing with the people you wish to become like.

My only regret is not getting into MLM (multi level marketing) or networking business sooner.

Although I am not active in any networking company now, I do still get a monthly royalty check from one company and I still look back on those years as the best years of my life. I traveled and lived in so many countries and had the most incredible mentoring from the people I met in that industry. This set me up for the next phase of my business life and if you check out the about me page on this blog, you will see I have since the networking days been very successful in several totally different business ventures.

The best one being a Telecom company I set up in the early 1990’s where I was earning  just over £40,000  per month… Not a misprint £40K per month (or about £500,000 – or $750,000 per year). My bank manager and accountant loved me but the tax man was getting too excited also, so I decided to leave the UK and live in Cape Town S.A. for a couple of years. The next 10 years were very interesting to say the least and I lived in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and a few other places. Life can be amazing when you have lots of money, but I have also learned that having lots of money can bring major problems that most people never ever experience.

Whatever else you do in your life…. I truly advise you to find yourself a mentor that you can respect and value their wisdom and experiences. I personally, love to help people who are trying to help themselves. Over the last 20 odd years I have helped countless people become successful. Many in training seminars I have conducted and also people who have worked with me in my various business enterprises.

 You could of course ignore all this advice and carry on listening to your best friend or your mate who is still working as a plumber for the same company for the last 20 years….

Be very very careful who you listen to as it will either hold you back or help you achieve your dreams and desires. What’s your dream?

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