Over the last 3 years I have been travelling back and forth to Thailand  and building a small pool resort and am now so ready to leave the UK for ever. The costs of virtually everything here from dining out in restaurants to fuel and council taxes and all the other bills is becoming truly horrendous.. At the time of writing, In my home town of Luton, Bedfordshire the rents are hitting £850 for a 2 bed flat and £1200 for a 3 bed house ! Now add on council tax of £160 per month and then your gas, electric, water, TV and broadband and you are up to £1400 for a 2 bed flat!! So virtually all of what you earn will go on trying to survive on a monthly basis… of did i forget to add food and transport to work… there, now you have no money left to have any kind of decent life.

How can anyone here really think they are free!

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If you do… you need to check out Thailand as that is most definitely the Land of Freedom. The cost of an average meal is still less than £1 (if you eat where the locals eat) , fuel is only 30 Baht (0.66 pence) per litre, there are no heating bills… (you will need air-con in your home to be comfortable though. Electric and gas prices are massively cheaper then the UK. There are massive shopping centers in most major cities now that supply the most luxurious furniture and there are Tesco Lotus supermarkets all over the country now.

Even when I lived in Phuket for 2 years back in 2000 and before that, Bangkok for 9 years, there were some incredible shopping plazas. If in Bangkok go to the Paragon centre, the Siam centre, World Trade center and of course the Emporium on Sukhumvit road. Even getting around in Thailand is easy and relatively cheap. The sky train and the Underground rail system in Bangkok is fast and very efficient. Avoid the local taxis though as the traffic jams in BK will drive you nuts. 



 As for doing business in Thailand…  

The best businesses are those you can run on a laptop, ipad or smartphone. While I am there for several months at a time, I do the same as I do here in the UK, update my websites, send out orders of any physical products (like Eyelashes for cars) and work on new websites for existing and any new clients that come on board.  Telephone consulting is usually done via Skype but even on a landline or mobile it only costs a few pence per minute.

If you need any help or advice from Setting up a Freedom type business, investing in Thailand or the Philippines or if you are contemplating marriage to a Thai or Filipino… or getting a visa for your partner you can contact me anytime.

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