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Pool resort near Khon Kaen

There are not many hotels or resorts with swimming pools in Mahasarakham and Khon Kaen but Coconut Palms in Kantarawhichai, Mahasarakam does have a pool. Situated on the main road between Kalasin, Khon Kaen and Mahasarakam. Over the road opposite the hotel is the beautiful Nong Bua lake or reservoir where the nightly sunsets are breathtaking. 

Stroll along to the local market for some fresh fruit, peanuts, fried chicken on a stick and many more local delicacies if you dare to try them…


Breakfast by the pool

Over the next year we will be creating another 2 rental units by the pool. One will be accessed at the side of the main house and have its own entrance via a stairway and terrace overlooking the pool.


We now have a special Thai massage room on the premises at Coconut Palms and the experienced masseuse does Reflexology, deep muscle massage, Swedish massage and the proper Thai massage with or without oil. 


Breakfast in the Cabana

Looking down from a birds eye view 



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So who is Carlo Mark

All my life I have been a mentor to so many people and I am sure it stems from the personal development training I underwent with Mark Hughes, Jim Rohn, Larry Thompson, Anthony Robbins to name a few back in the late1980’s

I can, if that is what you really desire teach you how to make some very serious money… My own “personal” best month was £46,000 back in 1991 which in today’s terms  would be well over £100,000 per month… !!!  I fly helicopters and have been involved in many International Real estate projects

I teach people how to become successful in whatever they are doing or to make some very serious money…  However, I do not define having lots of money as success. Lots of money will only bring you lots of problems…  “not success”

Doing what you “love everyday” is success.

I am semi retired and getting close to 60 yrs of age
We live mainly in Thailand but travel to the UK and Europe to help people start their own Lifestyle / Freedom business.

My background has been in Personal Development, Health & Nutrition and as a consultant and trainer. Although semi retired I still teach people how to start up and operate various Freedom Businesses… 

I have several profitable online businesses and also build niche websites for clients


Coconut Palms – Our new resort project in Thailand

Waterworld Thailand – Shade Sails and Swimming pools in Thailand.

Living on a boat – Yacht and boat sales, Blog and resources website – 

Easymove Direct – Removal and Storage Lead generation – Sold

Removals Training Academy – Removals training – Sold

Trade the Forex – Forex trading – This site has now been sold.

Morinda – Tahitian Noni  –  I do not work this business anymore.

I have traveled around the world many times and done business in  Florida, USA,
Panama, Cape Town, S. Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal , Australia and
New Zealand.

I previously co-owned (with a German Partner) a garden resort hotel in Pak Chong, Thailand

However, my wife and I have now built our own small resort in N. East Thailand where we live.


 Property Development Projects – Mainly in the UK, USA and the Far East.

Network Marketing Trainer – UK – Europe – S. Africa – Thailand – Indonesia – Philippines and USA

Top Recruiter in several network marketing companies. Built  large teams of distributors and conducted training seminars worldwide.

Herbalife International – Status achieved- Millionaires Team
L’Arome – Status achieved Directors Club –
Skybiz – Founding member and trainer.

I have Studied Business and Financial Astrology for over 35 years
Magi Astrology.Faculty of Astrological Studies and The Mayo School of Astrology

Fully Qualified Silva Meditation Ultramind Instructor

Diploma in Hyp. D. FAPHP (Hypnotherapy and Parapsychology)

Teach Vipassana Meditation and Tai Chi 

My most memorable and profitable business venture was when I started
my own Telcoms company (in 1990) that reached a Turnover of  £45,000 per month in the 1st year.

The above business  enabled me to obtain a Helicopter Private Pilots Licence.

Co wrote a book and training course on Forex trading with a currency trader friend
on How to Trade the Markets

On a more personal level….
Iv’e been married  and divorced several times and have a tremendous amount of experience with my varied relationships. Lived in Thailand for 10 years, Cape town S. Africa for 2 years. At the age of 24 I was a single parent father of two young  girls (aged 1 & 3 yrs…) of whom have turned out very well considering the environment and change they were brought up in. Both of my daughters have since enjoyed very good careers in Hotel management and guest relations at The Landmark and Sherlock Homes London Hotels.

I now spend my time mainly at our resort in Thailand and for a few months the UK or  Europe.


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Hotel with swimming pool Mahasarakham

As of Dec 2015 we have been fully booked several times now and we are now going to create more bungalows. Hotel or should we say Motel with swimming pool in Mahasarakham Coconut Palms. The local government have now also decided to widen the main road at the front of the Coconut Palms hotel and the Nong Bua lake. The small boutique pool resort is located in Kantarawhichai which is on the main road to Maha Sarakham between Kalasin and Khon Kaen. There is also a possibility that we may expand onto more land adjacent to the property and create a further 3 – 4 bungalows.

Rates are still set at only 700 Baht per night (this may change at any time) which is in line with all the other hotels in the ares that do not even have pools.

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