Mahasarakham University hotels

If you have ever visited the Universities around the Mahasarakham you will find that although there are a few small hotels and bungalows to rent in the surrounding areas, there are none with swimming pools or nice tropical settings like Coconut Palms in Kantarawhichai, Mahasarakham. many people visit the Mahasarakham University every month and need somewhere to stay that is within easy reach of the university campus. Teachers and students come for short periods of just a few days and some people come for months at  a time because they may be lecturing or have business in the area.

Kantarawhichai is a really nice yet small village on the main road only a few miles from the Student villages and the main campus. Poeple love the area because of the afternoon market and the two Buddhist temples also on the main Thinannon road. To find a pool resort in the area is really difficult so stumbling upon Coconut palms is like finding an oasis in the desert.

Thailand is very hot most of the time and hotels without pools mean that you have to stay inside and miss out on the relaxing sun chairs under the umbrellas we have around the exotic blue water under the shade of the coconut trees that shade  the swimming pool.

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